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Customer Reviews

Honest testimonials and feedback from customers is extremely important to us. We work hard to both earn our customers’ business and make sure they stay happy.

Alarm New England Xfinity Home
Trustpilot Rating
Recommended by: 94% of Users <10% of Users
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USA Today recently ranked Comcast #15 on their list of America’s 20 most-hated companies. Customers have mostly negative things to say about Xfinity Home on, and ConsumerAffairs.

  • Problems caused by poor installation and scheduling delays
  • Billing mistakes resulting in costly fees
  • Disappointing customer service

Security Equipment

We invest in the latest security technology so that you only install reliable equipment that won’t fail on you when you need it most. We are constantly staying up-to-date with the latest home automation options. Whenever you decide you want to upgrade, we’ll make the process easy.

Alarm New England not only offers leading home security technology, we also protect businesses with the best business security systems.

Alarm New England Xfinity Home
Professional Installation
Home Automation
Crash and Smash Protection
Free DIY Installation
You Own the Equipment
Proprietary Equipment

Xfinity’s equipment is proprietary, meaning it will not work properly with any other security monitoring companies if you decide to switch.

Even if you were able to reuse your equipment, Comcast won’t let you because you don’t own the equipment. You may only use their equipment as long as you are paying them, and you’re required to return the equipment to them if you cancel. So, rather than paying for quality equipment that you own and can use with other security monitoring companies, you have to start over from scratch.

Alarm Monitoring

Professional alarm monitoring ensures that you get the fastest possible response time in an emergency, whether it’s a break-in, fire, carbon monoxide leak, or other danger. Our Rocky Hill-based central station is UL-listed, meaning it meets the strict regulations in disaster preparedness.

Alarm New England Xfinity Home
24/7 Professional Alarm Monitoring
Local UL-Listed Central Station
Month-to-Month Options

The most basic home security packages require that you already have Xfinity high-speed internet. For more comprehensive home security plans, Xfinity requires that you use them as your internet and cable provider. Once you sign up with multiple services with Xfinity, it’s difficult to cancel any individual service without seeing significant increases in monthly fees.

If you have another Comcast service, like TV or internet, the base Xfinity Home security package costs $29.95 a month for the first 12 months. After that, they raise your rates to $39.95 for the remaining 13-24 months. If you don’t use Comcast for any other services, you will start out paying $39.95 per month.

Comcast doesn’t offer month-to-month plans as they require 2-year contracts. Expect to see your monthly rate increase each year.

Customer Service and Maintenance

At Alarm New England, we pride ourselves providing a high level of customer service and support that always ensures you get a prompt response. Your safety always comes first. Genuine 24/7 protection, not the illusion of security. That’s the Alarm New England difference.

Alarm New England Xfinity Home
Phone/Email Support
Maintenance Plans Available
Local, Family-Owned Business
Full-Time, Background-Checked Technicians
100 Safe Night Guarantee

Comcast subcontracts technicians to handle installations. That means they may not be subject to the same screening, background checks, and training as a full-time employee.

Comcast’s customer retention policies are so extreme that a number of their customer service phone calls have gone viral, illustrating the amount of pressure its employees are under to keep customers from leaving.

There’s a good reason Comcast won the dubious award of Worst Company in America 2014.

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