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  • Limit and personalize access to restricted areas to only a few people and grant temporary access to visitors.
  • Access reports that show who’s entering and exiting at all times from wherever you are – whether remote or on-site.
  • Avoid the pain of issuing new keys or changing locks when you need to limit or grant access to employees.
  • Let us install both your system and management software, so you can concentrate on what matters most: your business.

Complete control in one app.

See when your package is delivered.

Enhance your Safety, Control and Peace of Mind

Permission-Based Access

Grant access to employees, customers, and vendors who need to enter specific areas.

Manage Remotely

Easy remote management without special software, servers or IT staff.

Mobile Lock Control

Lock or unlock your business and “buzz” visitors in from anywhere using our mobile app.

Change Quickly

Quickly create or delete users with just a few clicks.

Complete Security

Options to integrate into intrusion and video security systems.

Stay in the Know

Get real-time mobile alerts to monitor access activity.

Multiple locations.
One view

Our Enterprise Dashboard makes it easy to scale and protect business operations across tens, hundreds or thousands of business locations.

Automation rules, schedules, and alerts

Reduce false alarms with flexible automation rules and schedules. Automatically disarm the alarm when the first employee badges in for the day and have them double tap their card to arm on the way out the door.

Why Choose Our Access Control Solutions

Use your existing alarm system or let us help you find the best security system for your needs.

Reuse Your Existing Security System

We support dozens of alarm brands and models. Switch and save today!

In some cases, our technicians are able to go out to your home and help switch your system over to us for little or no cost. We’ll test your system, activate it with our monitoring center, and restore it to full functionality.

To make things simple, we need your installer code to gain access to the system’s programming, and also need to know the brand of the system to make sure it’s compatible. Should you need help figuring out what type of system you have, call us and we’ll guide you through the process over the phone.

Upgrade Your Old Security System

Need a new system or want to upgrade? Browse our plans to find your best fit.

New systems don’t just offer better protection with reliable 4G cellular technology; they’re also designed for the connected home.

From integration with security cameras to smart home automation, our systems are designed to be future-proof. Our diverse selection of innovative products lets you customize your home or business security your way.

Explore our site to learn more about the products we offer, or contact us if you’d like assisting deciding what you need.


Access control refers to the practice of permitting or restricting individuals’ physical access to a building, site or even to specific areas and rooms. These systems can be applied to any physically contained points, such as doors, gates, barriers, fences, turnstiles and even elevators. They can be simple standalone systems controlling one or two doors, or they can be an integrated network that covers multiple buildings.

Your business needs access control if you have employees, suppliers or other visitors and you want to control the entrant’s access a certain location, room, area or site, or limit that access to certain times or days.

Preventing unauthorized access to a site helps protect your people, property and assets from damage or theft. Additionally, it may also act as a safety measure, preventing people from going near a potentially dangerous area or equipment. 

Our skilled engineers can integrate your chosen access control solution into one system for all your security needs, including:

  • Access Control
  • CCTV
  • Intruder Detection
  • Fire Detection
  • Time and Attendance

and more.

An access control system controls who enters a site/building and specific areas within those premises and at what time, barring unauthorized visitors without impeding the flow of those who are authorized. 

Alarm New England is proud to provide multiple options when it comes to finding the best access control solution for your business.

Access control systems can consist of:

  • Swipe-card door lock system, fob or RFID readers
  • Touch screens or keypads
  • Remote access or smart locks
  • Mobile credentials 

You can combine technologies within the management systems for increased reliability and convenience.

Businesses that have sensitive or secure areas with restricted access can save money on more elaborate security protocols with a simple access control system. Think manufacturers that need to secure areas with dangerous machinery that only qualified specialists can use or medical facilities that need to protect patient records.

Similarly, investing in an access control system can potentially save businesses money in litigation or fines that other businesses might suffer by exposing sensitive customer records to unauthorized employees or from visitors being injured by wandering into dangerous areas.     


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