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  • View live and recorded video while managing your entire video surveillance system from mobile or desktop.
  • Capture high-quality video of your business day and night, including in low-light conditions with IR night vision technology.
  • Businesses of any size can enjoy on-site and cloud storage, health monitoring, and activity analytics.
  • Looking to connect an existing video setup? Seamlessly integrate existing cameras with our system.
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Award-Winning Video Camera Technology

Gone are the days of basic video recording. Alarm New England is proud to offer video camera solutions with industry leading Business Activity Analytics. With smart analytics you gain access to intelligent features such as people counting, heatmapping, and queue monitoring. Smart video analytics let you make more informed decisions, all while keeping people and employees safe. Let our team of experts design a custom video system for your business or help you to upgrade your legacy cameras.

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Monitor Employee And

Customer Activity 24/7

Cameras aren’t just a security tool. Harness activity analytics to efficiently oversee your business and safeguard your customers through your surveillance cameras.

Reveal practical business insights that facilitate the management of customer flow, enable well-informed decision making, and streamline overall operations.

With seamless business video technologies providing real-world data and actionable insights, security has never been easier or more effective.

Protect Your Business With

Perimeter Guard

To protect a business properly, all of its areas need tight security, and this extends to the outside of the business and its external perimeter.

Get peace of mind your business is being watched over day and night without the headaches of false alarms.

Receive real-time alerts about after-hours access attempts or unexpected guests in prohibited areas, and stop intruders in their tracks with Perimeter Guard™ proactive defense.

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Smart Video Solution For Any Business

varifocal bullet camera

The V523X stands out from the crowd as a versatile and future-proof security camera. With advanced artificial intelligence features, this model goes beyond traditional surveillance. It can identify unusual movement patterns, detect anomalies around the perimeter of your property, and send real-time alerts providing the best in proactive security.

The V523X is not simply a security camera; it’s a smart investment for the future of your commercial property. Its integration with the line of systems allows for seamless control and monitoring. The V523X is the definition of a “smart camera” as it not only provides security footage, but transforms it into data and actionable insights.

varifocal dome camera

A top choice in business security, the VC728PF is a popular video surveillance option. Its discreet design makes it perfect for subtle placement. This ensures employees and patrons don’t feel uncomfortable, and that its watchful eye doesn’t disrupt the aesthetics of your business space. Despite its unassuming appearance, the VC728PF provides a high level of video surveillance, capturing every detail with crystal clarity.

Security is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and the VC728PF acknowledges this with its customizable settings. Whether you need continuous video recording or motion-triggered snapshots, this camera adapts to your unique security requirements. The VC728PF provides comprehensive security coverage without compromising the visual harmony of your space.

varifocal turret camera

The VC838PF is a security powerhouse. With its high-resolution video capabilities and cutting-edge features, this camera model makes sure that every inch of your space is monitored. Its advanced motion detection technology and night vision capabilities make it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor surveillance.

When installed outdoors, the VC838PF rises to any occasion with its weather-resistant design. Whether it’s monitoring a warehouse during a storm or keeping an eye on the storefront in the harsh summer sun, this camera adapts seamlessly to the diverse environmental conditions seen in New England. The VC838PF provides security with unparalleled precision.

fixed dome camera

Versatile and effective, the VC847PF is a fantastic solution for nearly every business. This security camera model is designed to cater to wide spectrum of commercial properties including retail stores and office buildings. With its wide-angle lens and pan-tilt-zoom capabilities, the VC847PF sees it all.

Efficient companies demand real-time insights, and the VC847PF delivers. This camera makes it particularly easy with often seamless integration into existing security systems. Whether you’re upgrading your current surveillance infrastructure or starting fresh, this camera model should fit into your plans. The VC847PF provides a comprehensive security solution that adapts to the dynamic nature of modern business environments.

Upgrade Your Commercial Video Surveillance System

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The Best Security Cameras For Large and Small Business

If you spend your life running a company, the importance of robust and reliable commercial camera system can’t be overstated. Now more than ever, security is a necessity for sustainable growth. Choosing the right camera system is a strategic decision. One that goes beyond simple surveillance. It’s a choice that allows your company to function at its best. It goes beyond security. The proven value the right system can bring means commercial camera systems are something that should be decided on with care.

Security monitoring is a basic necessity of a thriving commercial enterprise. Whether you run a retail store, a corporate office, or a manufacturing facility, the safety of your assets, employees, and customers is top priority. Commercial camera systems serve as the all-important “eyes” that keep watch over your property, deterring potential threats and providing invaluable evidence in case of incident. Video surveillance is a key facet of security in the commercial sector, and any serious business needs cameras to instill a sense of security among employees and customers. It’s not just about capturing video. It’s about the safe and efficient atmosphere the right video surveillance system creates.

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Commercial Camera Systems, Done Right

The effectiveness of a commercial camera system hinges on strategic placement. Each camera must be strategically positioned to cover high-traffic areas, entry and exit points, and vulnerable zones. The synergy between camera models and types helps provide comprehensive coverage. The right combination will leave no blind spots within your premises. When done right, commercial camera systems involve a meticulous survey of the business space. Understanding the flow of people and the potential points of vulnerability allows for a tailored approach to camera placement. The result is a seamless network of cameras that work in tandem to provide a 360-degree shield of security. Due to its complexity, an experienced security expert should visit your property and help you build and install the system.

The true power of commercial camera systems lies in their integration capabilities. Modern companies are interconnected ecosystems, and security systems should be the same. Integration with access control systems, alarm systems, and other aspects of security creates a cohesive defense mechanism that responds to threats in real-time. The right camera system should integrate into existing commercial infrastructure, enhancing the overall efficiency of your security operations. Imagine a scenario where an unauthorized access attempt triggers not only an alarm but also directs a camera to focus on the breached area, capturing potentially crucial video footage of the event. This level of integration is the future of commercial security.

FAQs: Business Security Cameras

Businesses need video surveillance to make sure they are keeping watch over their important assets. Video is a key part of implementing an effective commercial security system.

Security is vital to the well-being and effective operation of a business. Having the right system in place to maintain proper security should be a top priority. Security cameras are an important part of that equation. Any business who wants to be successful, especially today, needs to make use of the top security technologies on the market today. 

Having security in place not only safeguards your business, it is an all-important resource to fall back on when things happen on business property. Having the right camera and security implementation can save business owners big time when accidents occur. If your business has different people coming and going throughout the day, you’ll want to make sure there is a good camera system in place and working at all times.

Security camera systems offer a variety of benefits to commercial property owners. Obviously, increased security of the business premises is one benefit. With a proper camera system installed, you will be able to monitor day-to-day activity on-site, and will have a birds-eye view on the security of the entire operation.

Besides security, cameras can help you run a company more efficiently. Advanced analytics in high tech commercial surveillance systems can provide all-important insights like current occupancy. This type of data helps protect the people at your business, and allow for better customer flow.

The best business security implementation is one that not only blends in seamlessly with your operations, but one that actually improves how you run your company.

Security is a big investment, but it is an important one. Generally, the more you invest in a high quality security, the less problems you will have down the road. Making the right security investment will improve life for you, your employees, and your customers.

Because each security implementation is different, it’s difficult to give just one price. Security can be custom to each businesses needs. Therefore, it is recommended that you talk to a security professional who can listen to your specific situation, and then help build and quote you for a system.

At Alarm New England, we offer a variety of commercial security plans to suitable for the security needs of various companies. Call us at (617)-237-1684 to speak with a member of our security sales team.

For business security, a combination of indoor and outdoor cameras is usually best. Having cameras inside the property will allow you to monitor the goings-on inside the premises, where your customers and key assets are. However, protecting the outside of the premises is just as important. Having a layer on the exterior of your commercial property can help you identify threats before they reach your business.

Businesses need reliable camera systems that are always on and available when you need them. This goes for both interior and exterior cameras. The best business security systems make use of new technology and the latest cameras. For example, exterior cameras will have night vision capabilities to maintain security when it gets dark. Also, exterior cameras with perimeter protection will bolster security defenses and help identify any unwanted guests around the premises. For interior cameras, often turret or dome cameras are a great solution because of their discrete nature and their wide field-of-view.

The best cameras will always store footage to the cloud so that important security footage is easily accessible for business owners. As mentioned, advanced video analytics are also an important tool to get the most out of your security system.

Offices and warehouses will of course need surveillance systems to ensure proper protection. Really, any and all businesses can make good use of a video security system and monitoring.

Retail stores can make use of a system to increase security and prevent shoplifting. Schools and educational facilities can implement cameras to protect teachers and students. Restaurants and bars can add cameras to keep an eye on employees and protect their space. The potential implementations of camera security are essentially endless.

Any small business will benefit from a heightened security presence. And for larger corporations with many people and assets to protect, strong security infrastructure is a must.

The answer to this question truly depends on the size of the business you are trying to protect. Naturally, large buildings will need more cameras in place than smaller ones. 

To get and maintain effective security, it is advised to speak with a security professional and have them come on site to look at the property and determine what are the areas that need protecting. This will remove any margin for error, and will ensure you set up an effective security solution at your business from the start.

Alarm New England’s local security experts can help you protect your MA, CT, or RI business. Call us for a free, no obligation quote at (617) 237-1684.

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