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Company History is an award-winning smart home and business security platform that millions of customers depend on every day. Twenty years ago, reinvented the security system to protect individuals, families, and businesses alike from threats.

Special Features offers industry-leading technology that helps provide homes and businesses with effective, easy-to-manage security solutions. products include smart cameras, intrusion detection systems, remote access control, environmental protection, and energy management systems. vs. ADT camera

For more than 20 years, has been pioneering smarter solutions that deliver total protection for millions of homes, businesses, and families. prides itself in developing innovative security technology.

adt product lineup

ADT is one of the nation's best known security brands with more than 6 million customers and 17,000 professionals in over 200 locations throughout the U.S. Impressively, ADT boasts over 140 years of protection. vs. Ring camera has monitoring and self-monitoring options. The software can be used across various devices. With dozens of hardware partners across the industry, their platform can be leveraged on hundreds of home and business security devices.

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Ring has disrupted the security industry by providing easy-to-install self-monitored security solutions. Ring offers monitoring plans. However, their devices are proprietary, meaning you would not be able to switch providers while using the same hardware. vs. SimpliSafe camera

If is one thing, it is flexible. Their innovative software solutions not only protect people, they make their lives easier and more convenient. A key strength of is how the tech can adapt for and with the end user. provides smart features you can depend on.

SimpliSafe burst onto the scene in 2009, as a pioneer of the DIY (do-it-yourself) security system. SimpliSafe is now one of the nation's most widely recognized security brands, offering modern at-home security devices with quick & easy self-install. Home Security provides complete home security and automation allowing you to control your whole system with remote access known as the app. With this app, you have access to your cameras, doorbell, lights, thermostat, locks, garage doors, and more.

Let’s review the different product solutions from Video Monitoring

alarm com outdoor camera Outdoor Camera outdoor wi-fi IP cameras have 1080p resolution and IR night vision capabilities. These are versatile cameras designed to hold up in various weather conditions. Outdoor cameras are made to work outside, day and night, whether it is bright sunlight, or in low-light situations.

Models: ADC-V724, ADC-V724X

Top 3 Features: Built-in Analytics – 1080p Recording – Good User Reviews

alarm com indoor camera Indoor Camera offers premier indoor wi-fi security cameras compatible with unique features such as two-way audio. 1080p indoor cameras capture footage in any lighting. These cameras feature dynamic HDR for an even greater range of color and clarity.

Models: ADC-V523X, ADC-V515

Top 3 Features: Built-in Analytics – 1080p Recording – Good User Reviews

alarm-com-video-doorbell Doorbell Camera

The video doorbell provides a sleek, efficient way to monitor a home’s main entryway. With features like saved clip viewing and two-way audio, these easy-to-use devices are an invaluable tool for home security. Some models offer a 150° vertical field of view and video analytics.

Models: ADC-VDB750, ADC-VDB106X, ADC-VDB780B, ADC-VDB770-INT

Top 3 Features: Built-in Analytics – 1080p Recording – Good User Reviews Wellness Camera

The 1080p wellness camera offers a simple, non-intrusive way to monitor an elderly or disabled loved one. The platform makes it easy to check in on someone in real-time. This reliable camera also features two-way voice, making communication seamless.

Models: ADC-V622-WELL

Top 3 Features: Built-in Analytics – 1080p Recording – Good User Reviews

Summary offers a range of home camera options designed for comprehensive security. Their lineup includes indoor and outdoor cameras with features like HD video, motion detection, two-way audio, and seamless integration with their smart home security system for enhanced monitoring and control.

Our Top Choice: Video Doorbell

The video doorbell stands out as a top choice due to its advanced features such as high-definition video, two-way audio, and customizable motion detection. Its seamless integration with the ecosystem makes it simple to use and manage. A device like this makes any home security system better. Environmental Protection

adc smart thermostat Smart Thermostat

The smart thermostat allows homeowners to adjust temperature from anywhere using the all-in-one app. With an intuitive interface and built-in energy saving settings, an smart thermostat can lead to increased comfort and savings.

Models: ADC-T2000

Top 3 Features: Mobile App Compatible – Energy Saving Features – Good User Reviews water valve Water Valve’s smart water valve helps monitor water usage and detect potentially costly leaks. Open or close the valve using the app. Create rules to automatically shut the valve when a leak is detected.

Models: ADC-SWM150EU

Top 3 Features: Mobile App Compatible – Full Water Flow Monitoring – Good User Reviews temperature sensor Temperature Sensor

A temperature sensor makes it so temperatures and humidity can be monitored in any room, not just where the thermostat is. The sensors are simple to install, and different rules, schedules, and scenes can be set to a user’s preferences.

Models: ADC-S2000-T-RA-P-EU

Top 3 Features: Mobile App Compatible – Monitors Humidity – Good User Reviews

Summary’s environmental protection products offer a holistic approach to safeguarding homes and making them as comfortable and efficient as possible. With devices like smart thermostats and water sensors, users can remotely control and receive alerts about temperature changes and water leaks.

Our Top Choice: Smart Thermostat

The smart thermostat is an excellent choice for its integration capabilities and wealth of customizable features. Its features include remote temperature control and smart energy management. This not only enhances home comfort but also contributes to overall energy efficiency. A great choice for both security and sustainability. Locks & Garage

two smart locks Smart Lock Partners

Integrate a variety of smart locks types from well-known manufacturers including Kwikset, Yale and Schlage. Smart locks can be professionally installed by your service provider to work seamlessly within an powered home security system.

Top 3 Features: Remote Lock and Unlock – Easy-to-Use – Good User Reviews Garage Integration

The MyQ garage door control integration with the app provides remote opening and closing, automated schedules, and more. This integration helps protect one of the largest entryways in any home.

Top 3 Features: Ease-of-Use – Mobile App Integration – Good User Reviews

Summary’s smart lock and garage door integrations offer a streamlined and secure approach to home access control. With remote locking, custom schedules, and real-time status updates, users can conveniently manage and monitor their locks and garage doors through a unified platform, leading to greater security and convenience. Business Security business security empowers business owners with a unified, cloud-managed platform that is built to increase operational efficiency, reduce administrative overhead and ensure professional protection across one, or multiple locations.

Industries Served: Business Video Surveillance

varifocal bullet camera

Varifocal Bullet Camera varifocal bullet cameras offer 1080p picture quality and support HDR (high dynamic range). In addition to their impressive imaging capabilities, these cameras boast a versatile varifocal lens, Their rugged, weatherproof design helps them perform in both indoor and outdoor environments, making them ideal for a wide range of business video surveillance applications. With seamless integration into the ecosystem, users can enjoy convenient features like two-way audio, and advanced video analytics.

Models: ADC-VC727P, ADC-VC728PF

Top 3 Features: Indoor and Outdoor – 1080p HDR – Good User Reviews

varifocal dome camera

Varifocal Dome Camera

The 1080p varifocal dome camera from provides night vision capabilities and a wide field of view. These cameras are engineered to be durable with their waterproof and impact-resistant construction. Additionally, they offer’s Business Activity Analytics, which gives important insights about specific events or patterns within your business. With their combination of high-definition imaging, night vision, and intelligent analytics, businesses can enjoy comprehensive surveillance coverage and actionable insights for optimal decision-making.

Models: ADC-VC827P

Top 3 Features: Wide Field of View – Built-In Analytics – Good User Reviews

varifocal turret camera

Varifocal Turret Camera

The varifocal turret camera is a commercial-grade indoor and outdoor security camera designed to meet the demands of professional surveillance setups. Utilizing Power over Ethernet (PoE), it ensures seamless connectivity and easy installation without the need for additional power sources. With 24/7 cloud storage, users can access and review footage anytime, anywhere, while advanced video analytics with object detection alert users to specific objects or events of interest for proactive security.

Models: ADC-VC838PF

Top 3 Features: 24/7 Cloud Storage – Object Detection – Good User Reviews

fixed dome camera

Fixed Dome Camera

A fixed dome camera from is suitable to watch over both indoor and outdoor areas of a business. This is a 1080p camera with a motorized varifocal lens. The lens makes field of view remotely adjustable, and cloud storage makes footage always accessible. As with most cameras, it also provides users with valuable business intelligence analytics, giving it a competitive edge over other cameras in the space.

Models: ADC-VC847PF

Top 3 Features: Built-in Analytics – Motorized Varifocal Lens – Good User Reviews

Summary’s business video surveillance solutions provide a comprehensive and sophisticated approach to commercial security. With features such as high-definition video, intelligent analytics, and remote monitoring capabilities, businesses can enhance their security profile while gaining vital insight about how to improve operations.

Our Top Choice: Varifocal Dome Camera

The varifocal dome camera stands as our top choice for its versatile and high-performance surveillance capabilities. With its adjustable focal length, high-resolution video, and advanced analytics, it offers unmatched flexibility and precision in monitoring, ensuring optimal security coverage indoors and outdoors.

our top choice varifocal dome camera Access Control

adc reader Reader access control provides a simple solution for businesses of all sizes. Any business, from a small coffee shop to a large warehouse can make use of an reader. The ADC platform offers easy automation and smart, customizable features like disarming when badging in, locking doors when arming, and tagging access events on the video timeline. offers thin mullion readers, single gang readers, and physical keypad readers.

Models: ADC-AC-ET10, ADC-AC-ET20, ADC-AC-ET25 Smart Keyfob

The capabilities of the Smart Keyfob extend beyond what a traditional fob can do. Smart Credentials provide secure access control with an extra level of encryption. The Smart Keyfob provides a read range of up to 3 inches. With easy setup and implementation, plus advanced data storage, scheduling, and custom applications such as biometrics, the keyfob is a vital part of a modern access control solution.

Models: ADC-AC-FOB-60h8

adc smart access card Smart Card

The Smart Card offers a simple, yet effective solution for streamlined business access control. Allowing for advanced automation features and custom schedules, it allows business owners to effortlessly manage employee access and monitor entry points with precision. With a uniquely encrypted key, the Smart Card helps employees easily access the areas they need to, and keeps individuals out of where they shouldn’t be. Its expansive 4K memory size ensures seamless operation, helping businesses simplify access control management.

Models: ADC-AC-CARD-50h4, ADC-AC-CARD-50d4

Summary’s access control solutions for business provide a smarter way to manage entry points. With features like smart card access and real-time alerts, businesses can tailor access permissions, enhance security protocols, and maintain a comprehensive overview of personnel movements. Access control has never been easier or more effective. FAQs

Explore to find answers to questions about various products, services, and how to optimize your experience with makes its own indoor and outdoor cameras. But the software can also integrate with the company’s many hardware partners which include: Aeotec, Alfred, Baldwin, Danalock, Deako, DSC, Eaton, Ecobee, Ecolink, Enphase, Genie, Haven, HID, iBlinds, iDevices, Inovelli, Jasco, Johnson Controls, Kaadas, Kwikset, Lennox, Leviton, LiftMaster, Lockly, Lutron, Mercury Security, Moen, Nice, Overhead Door, Phyn, Qolsys, Rachio, RainBird, Schlage, Schneider Electric, Sengled, Sensibo, Skybell, SolarEdge, Square D, Somfy, Sonos, Stelpro, Ubitech, and Yale.

Yes. It is possible to monitor an security system yourself. With hardware, you do not need a monitoring contract. However, this means the system will operate without a connection to a central station. This means that it will be the user’s responsibility to get in contact with authorities in case of an emergency. can connect with Google Home, and this functionality can lead to several convenient features. First and foremost, a Google Home integration with the app allows users to use voice commands to control their security devices. This includes arming your system and controlling smart thermostats, lights, locks, and garage doors. devices can connect to Amazon Alexa. The pairing process is simple, as long as you have an Amazon Alexa device, an account, and compatible hardware. Once linked, voice commands can be used to control your security system, locks, lights, garage doors, and thermostats.

No, Ring video doorbells are not compatible with You can find the list of compatible hardware here. is known for being a high-quality brand. It has been a key innovator in both the home and business security sectors for over two decades. products have strong reviews, when it comes to both hardware and software. Users appreciate the reliability, functionality, and user-friendly nature of their security solutions. Whether it’s advanced video surveillance, smart access control, or environmental monitoring, remains a trusted choice for those seeking top-tier security products and services.

The pricing for services can vary based on the specific plan and features you choose, as well as the provider or security company through which you access services. Typically, operates on a subscription-based model where you pay a monthly fee for access to their smart home and security features.

Alfred, Danalock, Haven, Kwikset, Baldwin, PowerG, Kaadas, Lockly, Schlage, and Yale locks work with Here is a full list of’s compatible hardware & partners.

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