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  • Secure the perimeter of your business during operating hours to protect your people and facility.
  • Access reports that show who’s entering and exiting at all times from wherever you are – whether remote or on-site.
  • Avoid the pain of issuing new keys or changing locks when you need to limit or grant access to employees.
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Enhance Your Safety, Control And Peace Of Mind

Permission-Based Access

Grant access to employees, customers, and vendors who need to enter specific areas.

Mobile Lock Control

Lock or unlock your business and “buzz” visitors in from anywhere using our mobile app.

Complete Security

Options to integrate into intrusion and video security systems.

Manage Remotely

Easy remote management without special software, servers or IT staff.

Change Quickly

Quickly create or delete users with just a few clicks.

Stay in the Know

Get real-time mobile alerts to monitor access activity.

Access Control Systems, Made Smarter

One App For Your Entire Business

Oversee the entirety of your building access with our top-rated app. Control everything from your phone, tablet, or desktop. With one tap, lock and unlocks doors from anywhere.

Customized Notifications

You'll stay in the know, with a full management suite at your service. Get real-time notifications keeping key security information always within your grasp.

Smart Building Access Control

Arm or disarm your business security system, unlock or lock doors, turn lights off or on, even adjust the smart thermostat with a simple tap.

Keep Your Eye On Important Assets

Receive video clips on your smartphone when cameras sense motion. Unlock or lock down certain areas of your business for safety and secure access.

Automation Rules, Access Schedules, And Alerts

Reduce false alarms with flexible automation rules and schedules. Automatically disarm the alarm when the first employee badges in for the day and have them double tap their card to arm on the way out the door.

Control systems, manage all of your resources, and streamline user access with our cloud-based access control automation. Simplify allocation of your resources and user management with customized rules and schedules.

Effortlessly optimize the critical information and details. Set access rules, permissions, and schedules to ensure efficient resource allocation and monitoring.

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One View, Control Multiple Locations

Our Enterprise Dashboard makes it easy to scale and protect business operations across tens, hundreds or thousands of business locations. If you’re ready to scale, our products check all your boxes.

Unlock the power of streamlined data management with our cutting-edge cloud based access control solution. With our user-friendly software application, you can effortlessly manage access across multiple locations at scale, ensuring unparalleled control over your valuable information and resources.

Our cloud-based control platform redefines access data management by centralizing all your data in one secure location. Say goodbye to the complexities of managing data and resources across various systems – now you can have all your critical information at your fingertips.

The Solution For Every Access Challenge


Arm or disarm your security panel, cancel false alarms and manage employee user codes.


Ditch the DVR. View live and recorded video. Share footage as easily as sending a text.


Stop worrying about keys. Use your phone to lock and unlock doors from anywhere.


Manage thermostats and get alerts if temperature-sensitive areas are compromised.

Upgrade Your Access Control System

Designing, Installing, and Servicing Access Control Systems Since 1972.


Access control refers to the practice of permitting or restricting physical access to a building, site, or specific areas and rooms. These systems can be applied to any physically contained points like doors, gates, barriers, and even elevators. They can be simple standalone systems controlling one or two doors, or they can be an integrated network that covers multiple buildings.

An access control system controls who enters a site/building (or specific areas within) and at what time. When working correctly, an access control system will lock out unauthorized visitors without impeding the flow of those who are authorized.

Alarm New England is proud to offer the latest innovations in security, with a wide variety of options when it comes to finding the best access control solution for your business needs. Contact us for more information.

Simply put, access control allows the people you want into your business, and keeps who don’t want out.

Your business needs cloud access control if you have employees, suppliers and other visitors coming and going throughout the day. It is also useful to keep tabs on an individual’s access to certain locations, rooms, and other areas. With proper access control, a business can allow and/or limit access at certain times or on particular days of the week.

Preventing unauthorized access to a site helps protect your people, data, and property from damage or theft. It may also act as a safety measure, preventing people from going near a potentially dangerous area or equipment without consent.

Yes, access control is a major part of business security.

Access control policies define who has access to various parts of a business building and under what circumstances. This is vital for maintaining a secure and organized work environment.

Having clearly defined and easily editable access roles for employees and visitors improves business safety, increases productivity, and helps minimize losses. With the right type of management solution, access controls can be edited easily and conveniently from the cloud.

A skilled security technician can integrate your chosen cloud based access control solution into one system that meets all your security needs.

A comprehensive system might include:

  • Cloud access control
  • Video surveillance & CCTV
  • Intrusion detection
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detection
  • Time and attendance tracking

Best practices for implementing access control include conducting regular access reviews, educating employees on security protocols, and updating access control policies when needed.

Remember that effective access control management is just as important as the tools and hardware. Having a robust security system that is consistently audited and tested after launch will help protect your business.

Business owners can maintain compliance by regularly reviewing and updating access control policies to align with security regulations and industry standards.

By partnering with an experienced access control company such as Alarm New England, you’ll have a team of installation and access data management experts in your back pocket.

Access control solutions can consist of:

  • Swipe-card door lock systems, fob or RFID readers
  • Keypads (touch screen or traditional)
  • Smart locks for remote access
  • Desktop and/or mobile app management tools software

Yes. Implementing access systems can save a business money in several ways.

For example, when using access control software there is no longer a need for physical keys. This eliminates the need for management to order and re-order when keys are lost. This is not to mention the potential security risk that lost keys can cause.

Additionally, having reliable access control can potentially save businesses from loss or litigation. For example, if proper security measures aren’t in place, a company could experience a costly breach, like exposure of sensitive customer information and data records. Also, restricting access of unauthorized people can help prevent the occurrence of stolen property and vandalism.

At a fundamental level, access control systems can be categorized into three buckets: physical access control, logical access control, and administrative access control.

Each category serves a distinct purpose and has specific applications in security management. 

Physical access control refers to the measures and systems used to manage entry and exit to physical spaces. This includes entire buildings, rooms, or storage facilities.

Logical access control refers more to who can access certain computer information and data. Rules can be made around who can access specific systems, when they can access it, and from where.

Administrative access control refers to the process of managing and governing the overall access control policies and systems within an organization.

Business buildings can use physical access control to make sure that only authorized personnel can enter specific areas.

Proper access control management will prevent unauthorized entry and potential security breaches.

The most popular access control methods for business buildings are keycard systems, biometric scanners, and unique access codes.

Business buildings make use of physical access control methods.

Yes, keycard systems are an efficient way to manage and track access.

These systems work by using electronic scanners that grant or deny access to business buildings based on the presentation of a valid keycard.

Biometric access control uses a person’s unique physical characteristics like fingerprints, retina scans, or facial geometry to grant access.

Biometric solutions provide a high level of security because physical characteristics cannot be easily replicated. Also, biometric access data identifiers can’t be misplaced like physical cards or keys can. Biometric information is some of the most secure.

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