Outdoor Security Cameras: Watch Over What Matters Day or Night

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  • View 1080p HD video quality images, even in dark or low-light environment with state of the art outdoor security cameras
  • Receive video clips automatically when your outdoor security camera detects activity
  • Monitor video streams in real-time and be notified about important events, while ignoring routine movement

Monitor your home in clear 1080p HD

Outdoor security camera system provides a versatile way for you to monitor your front door, back door, driveway, and yard. Security cameras play a major role in a comprehensive security plan.
Custom Alerts
Selectively control and manage notifications and assign virtual zones and multi-directional “tripwires” so they can monitor their properties for highly specific activity. Never miss a beat with custom alerts right to your smart device.
Advanced Video Analytics
Distinguish between people, vehicles and animals, determine an object’s direction of movement, and measure the duration of activity. The SMART technology help reduce false alarms.
Secure Video Storage

The smartphone app stores your video clips securely on their cloud servers for you to watch, download and share whenever you need it. Never lose critical data to help protect your property.

Crime Prevention Features

As part of your smart security system, these security cameras “team up” with other devices, like your smart locks, to help prevent package theft. An integrated security system is a critical part of a comprehensive protection plan.

Receive instant alerts on your phone

You can’t always be staring at your phone. If the outdoor security camera detects unusual activity, you’ll receive a push notification on your smartphone. Choose what type of alerts you’d like to receive, and how you’d like to receive them. The custom security alerts provides tremendous peace of mind and efficiency.

Check in at home anytime you want

Watch video clips on your mobile device with ease and swap between your indoor and outdoor security cameras for different viewing angles. Control your entire security surveillance camera system remotely, including security cameras, lights, locks and more. Fully integrating security and automation provides a safe environment that can be monitored and controlled with a simple touch.

Professional installation and support

Our expert technicians and sales teams make this part easy. They can help you choose the best cameras for each area of your home, then install and connect your cameras quickly and cleanly for you. Should anything go wrong with a camera after installation, your service provider will be on hand with the tools and know-how to fix the issue. Alarm New England is dedicated to providing the best customer experience. We take seriously the important role we play in your comfort and security. Check out what our customers are saying about us.

ADC-V726 Security Camera Specifications

1/2.8″ Progressive Scan CMOS
4 mm, F1.6
Length: 6.1 in (15.5 cm)
Depth: 2.76 in (7 cm)
0.9 lbs (410g)
Field of View
Horizontal: 86°
Video Resolution & Compression
1920 x 1080
IR Range
Up to ~95 feet (30 meters)
Operating Temperature
22°F – 140°F (-30°C – 60°C)

Part of A Complete System

Our fully customizable packages give you everything you need, and nothing you don’t.
Video Doorbell
Security Camera
Smart Lock
Smart Thermostat
Touchscreen Keypad
Smoke Detector

Looking To Reuse Your Existing System?

Have an old home security system in Boston and want us to monitor it instead? We can transfer you over for no upfront cost.

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Take advantage of the benefits of Alarm New England’s home surveillance cameras

Are you ready to improve the security of your home and get the peace of mind you need to focus at work, enjoy a vacation, or sleep easier at night? Alarm New England has everything your home needs for effective, efficient, and powerful security inside and out.

Outfit your home with cutting-edge technology to keep your family and property safe from criminal activity and internal threats such as carbon monoxide, house fires, or flooding in the basement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Outdoor Video camera

Visible surveillance camera systems have the potential to reduce and deter crime. It’s like having built in security guard. Never miss a beat with custom push notifications sent right to your mobile device when your security camera detects motion or potential threats. Receive an alert when important packages are delivered to your doorstep. Integrate with a smart home system, including smart locks and smart lighting, for improved security and ease of use. Monitor and control your surveillance system with one mobile app.

With a lot of choices available to you, it can often be tough to find the ideal home security system that can keep your home and the entire family feeling secure and safe from incident. Picking the right security surveillance cameras all depends on your specific need. But here are a few elements you should consider: motion detection, audio, weatherproof, and night capabilities. With security cameras, you should be confident and worry no more about the security of your home and your family. However, not all security cameras are made equal, and you have to find the best home security camera system that is perfect for your needs. With Alarm New England as your security partner, you can be more confident in having your home’s ideal equipment.

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