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A storage unit is a perfect place to keep your valuable belongings—as long as the storage unit is securely locked.

To protect your storage unit and the possessions inside it, it is imperative to buy the best storage unit lock. Standard locks can be manipulated and broken, and they can be easily bypassed by a committed criminal. On the other hand, a good lock for a storage unit is one that is difficult to break. It is usually thicker and has a protective casing to deter bolt cutters.

Best Locks for Storage Units

Here are the best locks for storage units that ensure safety and protection. The following locks have special locksmith mechanisms that are hard to break or tamper with.

4 Digit Combination Lock by Desired Tools

Desired Tools knows their way around locks. They’ve successfully designed a lock that can’t be picked easily, even by professional burglars using a lock pick gun.padlock-combination-outdoor

This lock is resistant to cutting and sawing thanks to its plated steel and weatherproof zinc alloy material. These materials make picking the lock more difficult. The shackle is rather thick, which means it can’t be drilled into; you feel the material’s sturdiness when you have it in your hands.

The key feature of this lock is the four-digit combination. You have a total of 10,000 possible combinations, and you can pick any combination you want. It’s nearly impossible for a thief to crack the code. If you are buying this kind of lock for the first time, setting your digit code won’t be a problem. The company provides an extensive online guide explaining how to configure the lock.

This storage unit lock is available in different dazzling colors, too. You can choose vibrant colors like red or blue or remain subtle with silver or black.

Desired Tools provides a 30-day manufacturer’s warranty, so your purchase is protected. Even the digits on this lock are clear and easy to press because of their embossed design.

What we like:

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Setting the combination is very straightforward
  • Zinc alloy construction keeps it rust-free
  • Weatherproof

What we don’t like:

  • Spam emails from the company that promote other products
  • If you reset the codes again and again, you can face some jamming issues

Master Lock No. 930DLHPF

When it comes to strength and durability, the Master Lock No. 930DLHPF wins. It comes with a hardened boron alloy shackle, which is known for its sturdiness and is often used for storage units, residential fences, and residential gates.master-padlock-930dpfThough it looks small and compact, the lock is surprisingly heavy. This is the strongest lock Master Lock has ever created—and it’s one of the strongest shackles on the market. It protects against bolt cutters and hacksaws.

For even more security, the lock has dual ball bearings and a five-pin cylinder. This locking mechanism beats even the lavish locks with fancy combination locks and fingerprint systems because it is so hard to pick.

Be mindful that the thickness of the shackle can create a problem for some people. The 11-millimeter diameter can be too big for some uses. For that reason, before buying this lock, ensure that the diameter will fit well with your storage unit.

Another key feature of this lock is the 9,000 key changes for added security. This makes it practically impervious to picking attempts, even by expert lockpicks. People have tried picking this lock to test its security, and according to them, this lock requires far more skills than any other lock they have attempted. Besides, because of its sturdy material, it is very hard to put the right pressure on the lock to make the pin fall and open.

What we like:

  • This is one of the strongest and heaviest locks on the market
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Dual ball bearings protects against prying and hammering
  • Works well in all weather conditions

What we don’t like:

  • Shackle is too big and can’t fit in some holes
  • Lock’s finish is not premium quality
Stanley-hardware-S828-160-steel padlock

The Stanley Hardware steel padlock leaves its competitors in the dust when it comes to sturdiness. This lock is ASTM security grade 5, which we don’t see in other locks on the market. This security grade means it can be used for high-security protection indoor and outdoor and that the lock is capable of protecting against all kinds of attacks.

Stanley Hardware’s patented keyhole cover ensures that lock pickers can’t drill into the keyhole, which is the most common way to pick the lock. The lock has many other tamper-preventing features that provide a strong defense. For example, the locking mechanism has stainless steel ball bearings to prevent any illicit prying. Expert lock pickers would be frustrated after finding out the pins won’t work on this lock.

The best reason to buy this lock? It’s designed for industrial use. This shows the quality of this product. The lock doesn’t have any vulnerable parts that give burglars access to the mechanism. That’s why it truly stands out as a titan of protection.

What we like:

  • Six-pin cylinder has anti-pick pins
  • Patented keyway cover protects against drilling
  • Virtually impenetrable hardened steel body
  • Meets all the rugged demands of the job

What we don’t like:

  • Smaller in size
  • Shackle is too thick to fit in some holes

ABUS Padlock Diskus 20/70

The ABUS Padlock Diskus 20/70 is great for storage units. The Diskus padlock is a different type of lock known as a disc lock, which is a recent addition to the market that’s growing in popularity.


The key difference between the ABUS Padlock Diskus 20/70 and other locks on our list is that the Diskus provides a small opening in the shackle so there’s almost no room for cutting or drilling the shackle. This feature makes it rather difficult to tamper with the lock.

Experts call the Diskus padlock a tough cookie to beat because both the design and quality are straightforward and intuitive. ABUS has continued to develop this padlock design into the market leader it is today. And it shows in how effectively the lock resists the most common ways of forcing it open.

The 20/70 in the model’s name refers to the series number of this ABUS lock (20) and the outside diameter (70 millimeters). The 20 series is the highest evolution of the Diskus locks; all the lock’s components and features have been improved to maximize security.

The 70 in the product name refers to the lock’s 70-millimeter outside diameter. But the outside diameter is less important than the diameter of the shackle, which is 10 millimeters. This can be too large of a diameter for some lockers, particularly school or gym lockers, but for most storage units, as far as we have seen, a 10-millimeter diameter is fine.

What we like:

  • The entire product is stainless steel
  • Key variations can’t be outmaneuvered easily
  • Deep welding technology prevents all kinds of lock-cutting attacks
  • It makes too much noise when drilled or cut

What we don’t like:

  • The only way to get replacement keys is to contact ABUS and get them directly from Germany, where the lock is custom-made
  • Extremer cold weather can cause it to malfunction

WGCC Fingerprint Padlock, Waterproof

If you have tried combination locks before and aren’t satisfied, try this innovative padlock from WGCC that uses biometric technology. It is convenient and looks like a traditional lock, but its fingerprint technology and automatic recognition system make it stand out from other locks on our list.


One of our favorite features about this lock is its compatibility with the iOS HomeKit. If you want to let someone unlock the lock remotely, you only need to tap the button or ask Siri to do it for you. Plus, it allows you to keep a list of specific people who are allowed to unlock the lock, like trusted friends and family.

Because this lock is a smart padlock, it can potentially run out of power. The good news is it runs on a rechargeable battery that lasts 40 days with heavy use; you don’t have to recharge it over and over to make it work.

If the battery does run out, the lock will simply remain locked, meaning your storage unit will stay protected. Once you connect the lock to a power source, it begins its operation and works normally.

What we like:

  • Lock is made from a fireproof zinc alloy
  • It includes a pin for easy resetting
  • The customer support team is friendly and supportive
  • You’re not overly reliant on an app, it just helps during initial setup

What we don’t like:

  • Poor recognition if finger is wet or dirty
  • Complicated instructions for the pairing process

Master Lock No. 141D

If you’re looking for everyday protection at an affordable price, opt for the Master Lock No. 141D. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and provides a new level of security that we don’t often see in consumer-grade padlocks.

masterlock-141-dThe strong construction of this Master Lock padlock prevents lock picking. It gives you a feeling of security and gives you confidence in leaving your precious belongings in your storage unit. There won’t be any kind of theft from your storage unit with the Master Lock protecting it.

Master Lock manufacturers have constructed this lock with a black vinyl-covered aluminum body that’s resistant to scratches and corrosion. This product resists the harshness of the weather and works 24/7. Moreover, the 6-millimeter diameter shackle is cut-resistant and made of hardened steel. This shackle is longer than most shackles on the market, and you won’t have any trouble using it in tight spaces. Also, the diameter of the shackle isn’t too thick; you can insert it in small holes too.

This Master Lock padlock is economical and affordable, and it has a dual-locking lever mechanism that makes the lock tough to pick. Plus, the company sends two keys with it for added convenience. If you ever misplace one, you have another to unlock it.

What we like:

  • Vinyl cover makes it corrosion-resistant and scratch-free
  • High-grade aluminum offers more security
  • Dual-locking lever makes it safer
  • Small size means you can use it for other purposes as well

What we don’t like:

  • Shackle is hardened but not too thick
  • Lightweight, can seem cheap

Buying Guide for the Best Locks for Storage Units

How should you choose the best lock for your storage unit? We’ve assessed the features of many locks and done a lot of research. These features are what you should look for if you want your storage unit to be protected.

Lock Type

Locks for storage units are available in different types and designs. For example, you have smart padlocks or disc locks. Both are exceptionally resistant to tampering.

The type of lock also decides its price. The simple rule you need to remember is the more you pay for the lock, the more security you get. For example, you’ll spend more money on a smart lock, but it’s an investment in a failsafe mechanism. Without confirming the fingerprint, a smart lock doesn’t unlock itself. In addition, it has some customization options that add extra security.

On the other hand, traditional locks are durable and hard to break, but they can be manipulated with pins. A professional lock picker can unlock them within a few minutes.

Shackle Diameter

Some shackles are incredibly thick and are almost impossible to cut, because extra coatings on them make them cut-resistant. These locks look solid, but due to the diameter of the shackle, it becomes impossible to use them because the shackles don’t go inside the hole. This is a real problem, especially in school and gym locker rooms.

Apart from checking that the thickness of the shackle fits your lock, don’t forget to check the length of the shackle too. Though you’ll be able to put long shackles inside the hole, the problem is that they aren’t sturdy. They can be easy prey for robbers; a monster claw bar can cut them easily.

For outdoor use and storage units, we recommend disc locks. They have concealed shackles and they don’t provide enough space for burglars’ tools.

Lock Material

The type of metal used to manufacture the lock will determine how sturdy the lock is.

The most common material for locks is solid steel. This is the most famous material and is trusted by almost everyone as it is hard to cut through. For that reason, most locks are made of solid steel.

Brass, boron, and molybdenum are also reliable materials for locks and are known for giving a high level of security.

FAQs About the Best Locks for Storage Units

Got a question about storage unit locks? We have the answer. In this section, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about storage unit locks.

Is it necessary to buy a lock with a difficult locking mechanism?

It is not necessary to buy a lock with a difficult locking mechanism; in fact, you shouldn’t buy a lock with a difficult locking mechanism. A lock should always work smoothly and not waste your time. If it’s a real hassle to lock or unlock it, it may have hardware issues and it may not work well after some time.

Which type of lock is hardest to pick?

Smart locks are secure against lock picking as they work differently, but combination locks are also one of the most secure locks because they only open when you enter the right codes. Also, you cannot open combination locks with simple tools; someone would have to bring a very powerful machine to force them open.

What if you misplace your keys a lot?

A smart lock is a great solution if you misplace your keys often, as it only requires your fingerprint and can be operated through an app. Otherwise, combination locks are a good option; you only need to have the code to lock or unlock them.

Does the location of the storage unit affect the type of lock?

The location of the storage unit affects which type of lock would work best. For instance, if it is an outdoor storage unit, a lock with a weatherproof feature is essential because it will prevent corrosion.

However, for an indoor unit, the weatherproof feature will be less important. A good lock with hardened plastic coating will be sufficient.

Is there anything else you need to keep in mind?

When you buy a lock, keep in mind how many people need to access your storage unit. If it is only you, you can buy any lock you want. Otherwise, get a smart lock that can be operated by many people, such as a combination lock, so you can tell its code to your loved ones.


If you are still confused and don’t know which lock to choose for your storage unit, we highly recommend ABUS Padlock Diskus 20/70. Its circular design conceals most of the shackle and prevents any attempts at cutting the lock. Other than that, its dual-locking mechanism effectively protects your precious belongings and resists picking and prying as well.