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One can never be too cautious and prepared when it comes to protecting their family and home. Installing a security system is one the best ways to protect your home against intruders.

With so many layers of protection available out there, it can be difficult to know exactly what you need. One commonly overlooked security measure is glass break detectors.

What are Glass Break Detectors?

Simply put, glass break detectors are security devices that sound an alarm when glass is broken and are a critical piece of a home or business security system.

Unlike door or window contacts that detect when an entryway is opened on your home, glass break detectors will sound the alarm if there is any break in the glass.

This, in conjunction with your other home security devices, ensures that you are protecting your home and family to the highest extent.

How Do Glass Break Detectors Work?

Glass break detectors use intuitive sound and microphone technology that is programmed to recognize the frequency of glass breaking. If the detector picks up that specific frequency, the alarm will sound.

With a working radius of several feet, you can place the break detector in the middle of a room that has several windows and it will provide protection for all of the windows in that room. You won’t need to buy a separate detector for every single window and door in your home.

Do I Really Need Glass Break Detectors?

If you are serious about securing your home and providing the highest level of security, then yes you do. Placing motion sensors in every room may not be a advisable depending on your living situation and the pets you own.

Most window and door sensors detect the motion of the door or window being opened. If the intruder instead breaks that glass and you lack that extra layer of protection, they will be able to gain access to your home without setting off the alarm.

While glass break detectors are not sufficient in arming your home on their own, they are an essential part of a home’s security system.


Glass break detectors should be installed inside the rooms in your home that have windows. Typically, you will want to place these on the wall facing the pane of glass. Rooms with sliding glass doors are of particular importance to protect in this way, as burglars are likely to view glass doors as an easy opportunity to gain entry.

Many people choose to install these detectors in the bedrooms of their home to give them peace of mind that their family is safe from intrusion.

The detectors do not need to be pointed directly at the window or door, they just need to be in close proximity, so they can pick up on the sound. This eliminates the need for multiple detectors in each room of your home, saving you money.

Set Up and Maintenance

While you may be able to purchase and set up your glass break detectors on your own, many customers prefer having a professional come to their home to set things up for them.

Once set up and functioning properly, most devices will require little maintenance other than the periodic battery change every 4 years or so. Don’t worry, this process is pretty simple. Most devices will alert you when it is time to switch out the batteries. Changing the batteries is simple enough where most people can do it on their own.

Important Considerations

While glass break detectors are a vital part of your home security system, like anything else, they aren’t ideal for every situation. Since they are designed to pick up on the frequency of breaking glass, even the sound of glass breaking on TV will set them off if the volume is too high.

The benefits of having glass break detectors installed in your home far out weigh the negatives. Installing these detectors in your home will give you and your family peace of mind so you can rest easily at night and know that your home is fully protected.