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Ordering a package and waiting for it to arrive should be relatively simple, but that’s not always the case. Unfortunately, you have to contend with the possibility of a thief taking your package before you’ve had a chance to see it yourself

Read on to learn how to keep your packages from getting stolen and what steps you can take to prevent package theft.

1. Install an Outdoor Security Camera

Installing a security camera on your property serves more than one purpose when it comes to package security. For one thing, it allows you to monitor the package delivery and record exactly what has happened if a thief should swipe the package from your doorstep.

And it can serve as a deterrent if you mount the camera in plain sight for would-be package snatchers to see.

garage outdoor camera

Many higher-end cameras offer live feeds and two-way audio so you can communicate with a delivery person when they drop off your package. Additionally, some cameras have motion sensors that will notify your phone if anybody comes within range of the camera, and you can even activate an alarm manually to deter a thief.

No matter which model of security camera you go with, choose one with a high resolution in case you need to review footage to identify a thief.

2. Install a Doorbell Camera

If you want a less conspicuous solution, a video doorbell camera is a great way to covertly record anyone who sets foot on your doorstep. Many smart doorbells offer two-way audio and smartphone alerts that will step up security beyond simple video recording.

This way, you can keep tabs on people at your door in case of any unwanted guests.


Depending on which model you choose, doorbell cameras have several attractive features to consider. Some have facial recognition, night vision recording, and customizable motion detection, which can determine whether an animal, car, or person has activated the sensor. By knowing which features you want, you can easily choose the model you need.

3. Have Packages Delivered to Your Workplace

If you’re worried about a package arriving at your home while you’re at work, why not just have the package come to you? Most deliveries occur during business hours; therefore, it’s only logical to assume that you’d be at work when your delivery arrives.

If you change the delivery address to your office, you simplify the situation and reduce the chance of your package falling into the wrong hands.

Workplaces are often easier to locate than individual residences, so that’s a definite plus. However, if your workplace is large, you may risk your package getting mixed up in the chaos of a busy mailroom.

Consider the specifics of your workplace (such as opening hours and delivery logistics) before opting for a work delivery, as it can backfire if you aren’t careful.

4. Use a Smart Locker

Many convenience stores offer package protection lockers, such as Amazon Lockers, that can keep your packages safe. When you use a smart locker, your packages are dropped off in a secure location near you until you’re available to pick them up.


To pick them up, you simply enter a code into the locker to retrieve your items. This eliminates the need to leave your package unattended on your property.

Although this is a very safe option, it adds the task of retrieving your package to your to-do list. While this may not seem attractive for people who are short on time, the security advantages that come with using a smart locker speak for themselves.

Check with your package delivery service to see where the nearest smart lockers are in your area.

5. Require a Signature Upon Delivery

Requiring a signature upon delivery is a package theft prevention option available through most major delivery services, including UPS and FedEx. Although it may not be convenient for you to be there in person when a package is delivered, it may be worth it if the contents are especially valuable or important.

signature on delivery

Requiring a signature upon delivery allows you to be in full control so your package is placed in your hands rather than left unattended.

Most importantly, couriers who deliver a package under this specification are obligated to follow certain protocols. If anything goes wrong (for example, if no signature was received or the package was left unattended), the delivery company is at fault. This is an added incentive to ensure your package is delivered securely.

6. Reroute Your Package for Secure Delivery

With modern technology, you can track where your package is and when it should arrive. Based on that information, you can contact your delivery person and have your package rerouted to a trusted neighbor or family member so it arrives safely in the hands of someone you know.

This is a great option if you work during business hours and can’t be at home to receive a package during daytime delivery hours.

The bottom line: If you have a neighbor you trust, you gain peace of mind from knowing your package has arrived and is in good hands. Rerouting may incur a small cost, or you can purchase a premium membership from delivery services that gives you package rerouting for an annual fee.