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When it comes to modern home security systems, one of the most exciting new products on the market is a new security measure for your front door: video doorbell cameras.

There are only a few well-reviewed options on the market at the moment, so you have likely already come across the Skybell Trim Plus and Nest Hello. To help you decide which is suitable for your home, read on for our comparison of these two leading devices.

What Is A Doorbell Camera?

These devices look just like your regular doorbell and are generally the same size as a regular doorbell and mounted in the same place. The difference is that they contain a camera that takes records and streams footage upon activation. This camera activates the moment a sensor picks up motion within a certain area.

The footage can then be opened up on your phone through an app linked to the camera, allowing you to respond to the visitor and see what is happening in front of your home from absolutely anywhere.

Doorbell cameras are designed to tie in with your home security alarm systeml so that you can control all of your devices and arm/disarm your system from a single app. To make sure that you get the right doorbell for your needs, talk to a reputable Alarm system company in your area.

What to Consider When Choosing Between the Skybell Trim Plus and the Nest Hello

Choosing the right security feature for your home involves asking yourself a number of different questions:

  • What kind of technology do you need to link your device with?
  • Do you want it to be able to film at night?
  • How many people will want access to the device?
  • How busy is your front door activity?With those questions in mind, here are some features and points of interest in the two different products.

    Skybell Trim Plus

    Arguably the best doorbell company out there, Skybell manufactures top-quality products with useful and lasting designs. These designs have patents in order to keep their products unique and unchallenged.

    Look and Feel

    One of the first things you notice about this product is how great it looks. The Skybell Trim Plus is slim, sleek, and elegant.

    Size-wise it has been designed to fit in perfectly just about anywhere. The slim body never sticks out too much and the neutral silver finish gives it a polished look that never seems out of place. Skybell put some thought into the aesthetics, and this product will easily fit right into the look and design of your home.


    Motion Sensor Activity

    One of the great features of this bell is the motion sensor function, which acts as a useful security and surveillance tool. A sensor on the doorbell detects movement and turns the camera on. This means that even if somebody doesn’t ring the button, you will still be able to see what is going on in front of your house.

    Wireless Connectivity

    This Skybell product uses your internet connection to stream video to the cloud. This feature is what allows you to access the video footage from your phone or device through the application. Connection over your broadband internet allows for easy setup and constant access to the camera.

    180-Degree View

    The camera on this doorbell is awesome. It provides a full 180-degree view of everything going on around its location. With the Skybell, you won’t just see what is directly in front of the camera, but will also be able to watch what is happening all around it.

    HD Photograph

    This camera has the added feature of being able to take a photo of each visitor. This is a useful tool for home security.

    Cloud Storage

    All footage from the camera is stored and saved in a cloud server. No footage is stored on the actual device, so it can’t be deleted without authorization even in the unlikely event someone would attempt to steal the doorbell.


    There are no subscriptions or extra fees necessary for this product, as cloud storage is included in the price.


    Use Amazon Echo and Alexa to control your smart doorbell camera and to integrate the doorbell into the established security features of your home.

    Nest Hello

    Another great name in doorbells, Nest has a top-quality product on offer with their Hello Doorbell. This model is striking with its pill-shaped shell. It is durable, easy to install, and has a good reputation. If you are looking for a video doorbell that stands out, then the Nest Hello is for you.

    Look and Feel

    The doorbell itself is small and elegant with a more futuristic look that appeals to a tech-oriented demographic. That being said, this model is also simple and slim enough to not stick out too much.

    Overall, the Nest Hello works well with all housing designs.


    160-degree field of view

    The 160 degree 4:3 HD diagonal view on this camera means that you get the full appearance of someone standing at your door, from head to toe.

    Face recognition

    If you sign-up for the Nest Aware subscription, then you will get familiar face recognition on this device. What this means is that it recognizes whether there is a person, animal, or otherwise at your door. Then on top of that, it knows whether the person is a stranger or someone you are familiar with, and the doorbell will alert you to this.


    With this device, you can interact with visitors at your door, either in real time as a two-way conversation or via the additional pre-recorded response. This is helpful if you know you are not able to answer the bell for a period of time.


    Use Google Home Hub and Assistant to control the view of your smart home and Nest Hello doorbell camera device.

    Skybell Trim Plus and Nest Hello Compared

    Ease of Use

    When it comes to comparing these two different doorbell cameras, both the Skybell and the Nest Hello really shine in the usability category.

    Both are compatible with your smartphone, which means that you can easily connect to your video doorbell through whatever phone you may be using.

    When it comes to communicating with the person at the door, both offer two-way audio, which means you can speak to your visitors. The Nest Hello has the added advantage of being able to play pre-recorded responses—something which adds a bit of simplicity into your life.

    In terms of installation, both are very easy too as neither really requires any professional installation or set up. In general, they are easy to use products.

    Video Quality

    If you are buying a doorbell camera, good video quality is one of your top priorities. The Skybell boasts a highly impressive camera, which can capture HD photographs, has the capability of a 5x zoom, and can be enjoyed with a full 180-degree view.

    The Nest Hello also has a super high-quality camera which captures everything around your entrance. Capturing a 1600 by 1200 resolution image at 15 frames per second, this is a seriously impressive camera for a doorbell.

    Monthly Fees

    A massive bonus of using SkyBell technology is the lack of subscription fees. Once you have paid the retail price, everything you need becomes available to you. Typically whenever you buy a home alarm system with cameras, usually you have to pay a separate fee for cloud storage or set up your local storage solution.

    SkyBell allows all users, both free and paid, to access a cloud-based portal where all video footage can be saved.

    The Nest Hello does require additional subscription fees if you want to save any videos. As the Nest Hello is already an expensive device, having subscription-based add-ons seems to suggest that this device is aimed at those for whom cost is less important than the number of features.


    While the Skybell can be set up at home without the help of a professional installer, the Nest Hello is slightly more complex. It’s a wired doorbell and requires a chime and a transformer to work.

    (Source: Nest Community)

    With this in mind, it is often better to get a professional installer to put it in for you, which means you will be liable for installation fees and this could add on another $200 or so to the overall cost.

    Weather Resistance

    This is an important feature to take into consideration when looking for a doorbell. Both the Skybell and the Nest have great durability in bad weather.

    If you purchase the right protective silicone cover, the Nest Hello holds up well against water, UV rays, insects and general bad weather.

    However, the Skybell is also a tough and durable piece of equipment. It is important to note that this product can even be used in temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Night Vision

    Night time is often when the security of your home is at its most vulnerable. Consequently, night vision is practically a must for your security system. Luckily, both of these doorbell cameras offer night vision and the Skybell goes one step further by offering full-color night vision.


    Neither camera suffers much in the looks department. Both of them blend into different home designs and color schemes with ease.

    A limited number of customization options are available. While you can try out various colored protective covers on the Nest, the Skybell comes in two different color finishes.

    Furthermore, they are both are easily recognizable as being a video recording doorbell. While some may prefer to be discreet and choose a device that is hard to spot, the fact that these two are noticeable actually works as a security advantage. That being said, the Skybell is taller and slimmer than the Nest camera.

    Some Nest users have reported problems of the mold of the doorbell not fitting very well.

    Silent Mode

    Both of these products offer a silent mode, where you can turn the doorbell off while the camera continues rolling. This feature is great for when you aren’t expecting visitors and do not want to be disturbed.

    Do I Need a Doorbell Camera?

    When it comes to the safety and security of your home, you really shouldn’t be taking any risks. Having an active doorbell camera positioned at your entrance can be a very useful add-on to a top-rated home security system

    Firstly, a doorbell camera allows you to see who is ringing your bell. This way you know who to let in, who passes by your home, and exactly what the person at your door is doing. If you are not at home, you are still able to monitor what is going on through the phone linking technology.

    Besides answering your doorbell, a camera is always a good idea for general surveillance purposes. Being able to access a bank of saved surveillance videos can help you a great deal in terms of safety and monitoring your security.

    Final Thoughts

    Both the Skybell Trim Plus and the Nest Hello are well-designed products. When the devices are compared, they fare up very well. Here are some of our favorite features that both doorbells share:

      • A high-quality camera
      • Easy to install and use
      • Durable and tough designs
      • They both look great&lt
      • They both offer functional security solutions

    Although both products are very worthwhile, we think that the Skybell’s lack of extra subscription fees, slim design, fast response, and HD options give it a decisive advantage. Contact a reputable alarm company in your area to see what kind of doorbells they have on offer.