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A security system key fob is a remote device used to arm or disarm your home security system, or trigger a panic alert that is sent to a alarm monitoring service in the event of a break in or emergency at home.

The key fob security system works like a wireless remote does for your car to lock and unlock it, and create an alert should someone trigger one of the alarm sensors.

Why Use A Key Fob Security System

Improved accessibility

A security system key fob remote gives you more freedom and accessibility to control the alarm system in your home and provides an extra layer of security.

While some larger home may have more than one control panel located on the different floors or near different entrances, most houses only have one. Having the portable key fob gives you another way to control your alarm system from different areas in the house.


Unfortunately, security breaches or home emergencies do not always happen at a convenient time when you can access the control panel to hit a panic button and send an alert to the monitoring company, or quickly arm the system.

By using a key fob security system, your ability to quickly activate your alarm while you are at home is greatly improved because you can carry it with you to activate.


You can place the remote on your bedside table when you go to sleep every night or take it outside with you when going into the backyard to do some gardening. That way, should an emergency or security situation arise, you will have quick and easy access to press the button and activate your alarm or panic alert.


While your security control panel can often be accessed from your smartphone through an app, a key fob is faster. While smartphones and the accompanying apps are great for monitoring your home and controlling your system when you’re away, having a key fob while you’re in the house makes it possible to quickly activate the system or sound the panic button.

Ease of Use

Because they are easy to use, key fobs remotes are also handy to give to your children, grandparents, or neighbors who may need to arm or disarm the system. They eliminate the problem of having to remember a code to control the security system. As we mentioned earlier, the key fob security system offers a simple solution to arming and disarming the alarm for people who are not as savvy with security systems or may have trouble remembering your code.


Most security systems will allow you to program a number of key fobs into your security system. This makes it easy for you to grant access to the people who need it without having to divulge your alarm code.

When there are a number of people who need to access your home and alarm system, there is less risk of someone failing to set or disarm the system because all it requires is the push of a single button. It also relieves the stress of trying to remember and enter a code in a panic if an alarm is accidentally triggered.

How Do Key Fobs Work?

Key fob remotes are compact and wireless. They generally run on long-life lithium batteries which can last up to five years, and are easy to replace without a professional.

The newer remotes also have a battery warning light to alert you when batteries are low and need to be replaced.

The key fobs usually have an LED indicator light on them to confirm that the button has been pressed and communicated with the security system.

Key fobs only work within a certain range and physical structures such as walls or buildings may affect how well the key fob communicates with the control panel.

Will a Key Fob Work With a Wired or Wireless Home Security System?

Key fob security systems often come standard with both wired and wireless home security system installations.

Benefits of Using a Key Fob Security System

To summarize, a key fob offers you many benefits and flexibility to provide:

  • Provide quick and easy access to arm, disarm, or trigger panic alert
  • Portability so it can be used anywhere in or around your the home
  • Limited access to your alarm code
  • Versatility to distribute a number of key fobs to those who need to access your home