Associated Alarm Systems vs. Alarm New England

24/7 Monitoring

Free Self-Installation


Month-to-Month Options

$39.99 / month

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24/7 Monitoring

Free Self-Installation


Month-to-Month Options

$26.99 / month

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Customer Reviews

Honest testimonials and feedback from customers is extremely important to us. We work hard to both earn our customers’ business and make sure they stay happy.

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Associated Alarm Systems has held a strong position within the Cape Cod and South Shore communities for being local and family-owned. Their recent reviews have not reflected what has kept them in business over the past 40 years. While their entry-level monthly rate is reasonable, they tend to be higher than Alarm New England’s when comparing functionality.

Security Equipment

We invest in the latest security technology so that you only install reliable equipment that won’t fail on you when you need it most. Plus, with us you can install the system yourself easily. If you ever need help, we’ll be with you every step of the way over the phone to make sure things go smoothly. We don’t just protect homes with industry-leading equipment; we also provide businesses with the best business security systems.

Alarm New EnglandAAS
Professional Qolsys Equipment
Professional Installation
Free DIY Installation
Crash and Smash Protection

Associated Alarm System’s website had limited information surrounding their technology but from research they appear to be using older Honeywell technology.

Customer Service and Maintenance

At Alarm New England, we pride ourselves providing a high level of customer service and support that always ensures you get a prompt response. Your safety always comes first. Genuine 24/7 protection from an expert response team. When stacked up against another local and family-owned company like Associated Alarm Systems it becomes important to note key things like money-back guarantees and customer reviews.

Alarm New EnglandAAS
Maintenance Plans Available
Phone/Email Support
Local, Family-Owned Business
Full-Time, Background-Checked Technicians
100 Safe Night Guarantee

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