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SimpliSafe Reviews:

6.3 / 10*

Alarm New England Reviews:

9.5 / 10*

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Customer Reviews

Honest testimonials and feedback from customers is extremely important to us. We work hard to both earn our customers’ business and make sure they stay happy. Customer reviews also help us make sure that the services and products we offer exceed our customer needs and expectations.

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The SimpliSafe customers we’ve spoken to faced issues with long wait-times trying to speak to a customer service representative along with faulty hardware. Poor customer service is the primary reason customers cite for dissatisfaction with SimpliSafe.

Alarm New England is a local company and our customers are our neighbors. We work hard to keep our customers happy and protected. We believe that building a great customer experience is by design and does not happen by accident.

Security Equipment

We invest in the latest security technology so that you only install reliable equipment that won’t fail on you when you need it most. We are constantly staying up-to-date with the latest home automation options. Whenever you decide you want to upgrade, we’ll make the process easy. We don’t just have industry-leading home security systems; we also offer some of the best business security systems in the New England area.

Alarm New England SimpliSafe
Professional 128-bit Encrypted Equipment


Professional Installation


Crash and Smash Protection


Home Automation


Proprietary Equipment


SimpliSafe says “No contracts, just month-to-month” but their equipment is proprietary, meaning that no other company can reuse any of it if you decide to switch some day. Proprietary equipment serves the same function as a contract because it makes it harder for you to leave, but unlike a contract, you are locked in with that company indefinitely.

Whether you’re ready to enjoy smart home automation today or may want to in the future, Simplisafe still lacks many of the additional features of other systems.

Alarm New England believes you should be able to keep options available to you. Protecting you and your family is our first priority and that means you have to be confident in the equipment and the alarm monitoring service.

Alarm Monitoring

Professional alarm monitoring ensures that you get the fastest possible response time in an emergency, whether it’s a break-in, fire, carbon monoxide leak, or other danger. Our central station is UL-listed, meaning it meets the strict regulations in disaster preparedness.

Alarm New England SimpliSafe
24/7 Professional Alarm Monitoring



Month-to-Month Options



Crash and Smash-Proof Base Station


Alarm New England offers 128-bit AES encryption on all wireless signals. We monitor public school systems, meaning we have to meet the strictest safety regulations. We’re constantly testing our disaster response protocols to ensure that our alarm monitoring station is ready to respond to any emergency within seconds. We even have a redundancy central monitoring station in Boulder, Colorado.

The SimpliSafe base station is not crash-and-smash-proof. When a burglar enters the home, he has 30 seconds to destroy the base station, rendering it unable to contact the Dispatch Center.

With Honeywell’s Advanced Protection Logic, your Lyric system will contact our central monitoring station the moment someone opens a delayed entry zone to let us know it’s working.

If you are the one who triggered the entry, once you punch in your code, we receive a notification that you disarmed the system.

Customer Service and Maintenance

At Alarm New England, we pride ourselves in providing a high level of customer service and support that always ensures you get a prompt response. Your safety always comes first. Genuine 24/7 protection, not the illusion of security. That’s the Alarm New England difference.

Alarm New England Xfinity Home
Phone/Email Support



Maintenance Plans Available


Local, Family-Owned Business


Full-Time, Background-Checked Technicians


Simplisafe does not employ full-time alarm technicians which means that if you are having a problem that might require more attention onsite — you’ll have to rely on remote support or hire a third-party technician to come out to you.

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