It’s a top priority for us to communicate with customers in an honest and transparent way when it comes to helping you understand our plans and service.

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers to help you make an informed decision.


With professional installation, one of our licensed, background-checked technicians will come to your home and install everything for you. They can offer you options in terms of placement and will set up and mount each piece of equipment.

Anything that requires wiring — such as connecting outdoor cameras or mounting a control pad to a wall will be done to minimize exposed wires.W

Our Do-It-Yourself process means that everything arrives at your home in a box and you simply place the elements of your system in their designated spots. Door and window alarms attach with double-stick tape and the control panel can be placed on a table or counter and plugged into an outlet.

We offer Facetime and/or telephone support to walk you through the process. Most of these installations can be handled in about 30 minutes.

Many of our customers feel more at ease when installation is taken care of by licensed, technician who has been trained and certified to install their security system.

Unlike many security companies, our technicians are employees of the company, not contractors.

While we do charge for this service, we ensure that our installations are handled by professionals who have been screened and bonded by our company. That accountability and professionalism matters when you are having someone come to work in your home.

There are elements of these systems — such as an outdoor camera — where it may be necessary to connect the camera to power inside the home.

If you are not skilled in these types of exterior installations, it can be a big benefit to have a professional handle the installation.

Our technicians are skilled at snaking the wire into walls or mounting your control panel on the wall for a cleaner look. With a DIY installation, customers often put the control panel on a desk stand near a power outlet which makes it an easier installation.

Yes, we can often use your existing equipment. However, depending on what you have installed, it may not be the most cost-effective solution. Often, we can integrate existing hard-wired devices with the latest Honeywell panel, or use everything you have and update your system with a cellular communicator.

Unfortunately, if Comcast, SimpliSafe, Vivint, or Bosch manufactured your system, we can’t use that equipment because it’s proprietary.

This depends on your community, municipality, or county regulations, which varies considerably from region to region. Your local government may require a fee. Please check for your local regulations regarding monitored security systems.

We will do our utmost to keep you informed of any permitting requirements in your area.


The system communicates over Wi-Fi and switches over to a cellular network (AT&T) if the Wi-Fi network goes down.

Yes. The system communicates wirelessly with our central station over Wi-Fi and cellular networks. It’s also wireless in that most of elements of the system — such as door and window sensors — do not need to be hard-wired.

The only wires that are required are power cords for the control panel and certain types of cameras. (HD cameras require a power cable because battery-powered cameras have a very short battery life.)

Wireless systems are safer because there are no cables that can be cut to disable your security system. Older, unsecured wireless systems are also more of a threat to your privacy.

Honeywell’s security system is protected by 128-bit AES encryption, meaning your security system’s data stays protected with the same level of encryption as national banks.

There’s a 4-hour backup battery, plus you get a notification so you can respond. If you’d like longer battery life, Honeywell makes a 24-hour backup battery that they sell for $30.

The system will still function because it will switch over to using the cellular communicator. Cameras are the only items that need Wi-Fi to function.

Our wireless fire system meets all requirements for the fire code in every town in Massachusetts and Connecticut. To sell your home or construct a new one, you legally need to have a system that meets certain regulations. To learn more about the fire code in your state, click here:

Yes, our starter plan is priced at only $26.99/month for wi-fi monitoring. This pricing is one of the lowest in our industry.

Because local monitoring matters. One of the key differences between our company and national competitors is that we own and operate our own monitoring station in Rocky Hill, CT. This helps to ensure high-quality customer service and faster emergency response times.

Other companies outsource monitoring to a third-party. We will never outsource your security.

Security Cameras

No. Indoor cameras are simply plug-and-play and we’ll help you link it to your system. Outdoor cameras are more challenging. It will likely involve getting on a ladder and drilling a hole to connect to power inside the house.

The batteries in wireless HD cameras need to be changed frequently, that’s why we sell cameras that use a power cord. One customer who used battery-powered cameras before switching to us had to change the batteries every three days!

Honeywell’s Total Connect lets you view your cameras and control your alarm system on a single app — much more convenient than switching between apps.

Our high-definition cameras feature night vision, motion detection, and custom notifications. Read more about them here.

All of the cameras can see as far as the human eye, but the infrared (IR) sensor is only effective up to a certain range. IR range is important as it allows cameras to see things even in pitch-black darkness.

Our Honeywell IPCAM-WIC1 Indoor Camera has an IR range of 16.5 feet. The IPCAM-WOC1 Outdoor Camera’s IR range is up to 65 feet.

This will need to be done in Total Connect on a web browser/iPad. You will need to setup the detection areas under the camera edit screen, once this has been done and setup according to your needs, go Event and Notifications:

  • Select Setup
  • Select the Video Icon
  • Select Video Events
  • Select the camera you which to receive notifications for

Here you will be able to select who is sent notifications and when you want the video to send a notification.

  1. Power up camera. Once it’s powered up, wait 2 minutes while camera goes through boot sequence
  2. After the camera has gone through boot section, press the WPS button on your modem/router
  3. Within one minute, press the WPS button on your Honeywell camera (the LED will be amber during the process)
  4. Once the LED turns from amber to green check your Total Connect to see if video has started

If you no longer have an active video feed and your camera is showing an ‘X’ in its place, it’s because either the camera’s power cord is no longer plugged in or the camera is no longer on your local network.

You will need to be re-enrolled by going through the WPS process. Please contact us for instructions.

In Total Connect (either on a web broswer or iPad) go the the video section:

  • Select the camera you wish to edit by selecting the wrench icon – Other Features
  • Check off Status LED


If you own a dog that weighs over 80 pounds or a cat, we suggest that you do not install motion detectors as these pets are likely to trip the sensor.

It also depends on your lifestyle. Would you like to arm the system at night while you move around the house? If so, use contacts instead of motion detectors to help you avoid false alarms.

The Honeywell Lyric Controller’s built-in siren produces 82 decibels of sound. You can add as many auxiliary sirens (Honeywell SiXSIRENs) as you’d like that produce 85 decibels of sound. We currently do not sell outdoor sirens.

Pressing the panic button for 3 seconds will result in an automatic dispatch of the authorities.

Please call our central station with your master code to alert us of the false alarm: (800) 652-5555.

Yes, whether or not your alarm system is activated, our central station is listening to ensure your home is always protected from environmental threats.

The best location for your Lyric control panel is in a secure area close to the door that you enter and exit most frequently. Please note, you need to be able to get to and disarm your control panel within 30 seconds.

Your glassbreak covers a 25-foot range from where it is placed. It picks up the specific frequency of shattering glass. If you have thick curtains in front of your windows, place the device closer to the glass.

Code is very strict on smoke detector placement. You need to have 1 per floor, and also 1 in every bedroom. If you already have local smoke detectors in place than 1 per floor that is monitored by our central station is sufficient.

Regulations around carbon monoxide detectors are about as strict as smoke detectors. You need to have 1 per floor, and placed within ten feet of each bedroom.

You may need more than 1 per floor depending on how spaced out the bedrooms are. If you already have local CO detectors in place than 1 per floor that is monitored by our central station should do the trick.

Best practice is to place the probe near a water line:

  • in your basement near a sump pump
  • laundry room near the washing machine
  • hot water heater
  • under the kitchen sink or bathroom sink
  • anywhere you have had a consistent leak problem or you are worried about a burst pipe

We would love to talk you through this process on the telephone. Please call support at 800-322-3500.

Each wireless sensor in your system has an internal battery. The system detects low battery conditions in wireless sensors, including smoke detectors, personal emergency transmitter, and the portable wireless keypad, and displays a “Battery Low” message on the touchscreen, which also beeps.

A low battery in a wireless keypad is detected as soon as one of its keys is pressed. In addition, a wireless smoke detector with a low battery also emits a “chirp” sound approximately once every 20–30 seconds, identifying itself as the smoke detector with the weak battery.

Total Connect

Yes. Download the Total Connect app for a free demo on the App Store or Play Store.

iOS Download

Android Download

It costs us more every month to have a cellular chip. Each customer app account is an additional cost, and cloud storage is a separate cost.

We also provide an app built by Honeywell that meets the strictest regulations for information security, meaning you’re less likely to be hacked or have your data sold to a third party.

Yes, there is no limit on the number of users you can have on Total Connect simultaneously.

  1. From the main screen press the Security button.
  2. Select Tools.
  3. Enter your 4-digit user code.
  4. In the top left select Users.
  5. At the Bottom of the screen Select Add New.
  6. Select Name.
  7. Type in desired User Name then hit save.
  8. Select user code.
  9. Type in desired User Code for New user.
  10. Tap Done then Save.
  11. Tap the Home Button to return to the home screen.

Arm stay is pre-programmed into your system and will arm your doors, windows and glass break sensors so you can move about freely inside with protection.

There is a 30-second delay in the case of opening a door so you have time to shut the system off. Arm away activates all devices on your system. Please note that environmental sensors (smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, flood, temperature) will always be live whether or not your system is armed.

This will need to be done in Total Connect on a web browser/iPad. You will need to setup the detection areas under the camera edit screen, once this has been done and setup according to your needs, go Event and Notifications:

  • Select Setup
  • Select the Video Icon
  • Select Video Events
  • Select the camera you which to receive notifications for- Here you will be able to select who is sent notifications and when you want the video to send notification.

Go to Tools:

  • Enter your Master Code
  • Select WiFi Config icon
  • Scan Access Points
  • Select desired network and then select the “edit” button
  • If a password for the network is required, select the “key” button and enter the password.
  • Select the “Join” button and a confirmation screen will appear once you’ve successfully joined the network
  • Once you’ve joined the network select the “save” button
  • Hit the back arrow at the top right of the screen to get back to the Master User screen
  • Hit the “back” button to return back to the security home screen

Visit the app store and re-download the app. Enter your user name and password to access. Settings should be saved.


The 3-year contract makes your upfront costs more affordable because we subsidize the cost of your equipment. For those who prefer more flexibility with a month-to-month contract, we cannot offer the equipment subsidy.

We offer you a choice between the industry-standard 3-year contract and a flexible month-to-month contract. With our 100 Safe Nights policy, you get 100 days to try our service out risk-free.

You also have 3 business days to cancel once you sign the contract. If you would like to cancel before the end of the 3-year contract, you are responsible for 75% of the contract due.

To cancel a month-to-month contract, you must provide us 30 days’ notice by calling 617-221-8499.

Our 100 Safe Nights policy means if you are dissatisfied with our services within the first hundred days, you can return all of your equipment for a refund.

If you are unhappy with us for any reason, please contact us — our team will do everything they can to resolve your issue.

We offer a 1-year warranty on parts and labor. If you would like to extend that warranty, you may purchase a maintenance agreement by calling our sales team at 617-221-8499.

Still have questions?

Call (800) 322-3500 to speak to our customer service.



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