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As a family owned business, we are committed to customer service. All of our technicians are locally-based employees of our company. Our company employs highly-skilled techs across MA, CT, and RI.

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Customer service is our top priority, and we have the reviews to prove it. Alarm New England boasts a 94% customer recommendation rate. We protect local homes using world-class technology.

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We protect Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island homes and businesses. For well over half a decade, the Alarm New England team has helped local customers achieve their security goals.

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Ensuring the safety and security of your home should always be a top priority. It’s important to know that your loved ones and valuable belongings are protected from potential threats. 

Home security Harwich, MA is a comprehensive topic that involves various areas, including alarm and monitoring systems, security cameras, fire alarm monitoring, and burglar alarms.

Harwich is a picturesque Cape Cod town known for its beautiful beaches and welcoming community. However, like any other place, it is not immune to security risks, including burglary and property crimes. Investing in a reliable home security system can significantly reduce the chances of such incidents and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

  • Alarm and Monitoring Systems

One of the primary components of a comprehensive home security system is the alarm and monitoring system. These systems are designed to provide early warnings against potential threats, including intrusions, burglaries, and fires. With advanced motion sensors, door sensors, and key fobs, modern alarm systems offer convenience and ease of use, allowing you to monitor and control your home remotely.

  • Security Cameras

Security cameras play a vital role in keeping your home safe. They come in wired and wireless forms, offering live streaming of your property’s surroundings. With features like color or infrared night vision and cloud storage, you can have a clear view of any activity around your home. Many security cameras also send real-time notifications when they detect movement, packages, or people, helping you stay informed even when you are away.

  • Fire Alarm Monitoring

Apart from protecting your home from intrusions, fire alarm monitoring is crucial for safeguarding against fire hazards. Fires can spread rapidly and cause devastating damage to your property and endanger lives. A reliable fire alarm monitoring system can alert you and emergency services at the earliest signs of smoke or fire, allowing for a swift response and potentially saving lives.

  • Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms are critical to home security, especially in Harwich, MA, where seasonal residents might leave their homes unoccupied for extended periods. These alarms are a strong deterrent against burglars and intruders, triggering loud sirens and alerting the monitoring station when unauthorized access is detected.

When considering a home security system in Harwich, it’s essential to consider certain factors to ensure you invest in the right solution for your needs.

  • Customization: Every home is unique, and your security needs may vary. Look for a security provider that offers flexible options, allowing you to customize the system based on your specific requirements.
  • Warranty: A reliable home security company should offer a warranty on their equipment. This ensures that if any components malfunction within the warranty period, they will be replaced or repaired without additional cost.
  • Customer Service: 24/7 customer support is crucial for addressing any issues or concerns with your security system. Choose a company with a reputation for excellent customer service and responsive support.
  • Transparent Pricing: Avoid hidden fees by selecting a home security provider that offers transparent pricing. This way, you can design a cost-effective solution that meets your security needs without any surprises later.

At Alarm New England, we understand the importance of home security in Harwich, MA, and surrounding areas. As experts in our field, we have provided top-rated equipment, professional monitoring services, and exceptional customer support for years.

We are your trusted home security partner in Harwich, MA. At Alarm New England, we prioritize your safety with top-rated equipment, professional monitoring, and exceptional support. Contact us today!

Our Satisfied Cape Cod Security Customers

Dennis, MA
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“I highly recommend Alarm New England. Extremely helpful, patient and accommodating throughout the entire set-up process. I couldn’t be happier that I chose them for my security system in my Cape Cod home. I will definitely use them for other projects down the road.”
Robert S.
Robert S.
Yarmouth, MA
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“Just switched from ADT to Alarm New England and these guys have been professional from the sales process through the installation. Dorothy answered my questions – of which I had many because I am so detailed – without judgement. So far the Honeywell system seems very good. Denzel who did the installation was calm, methodical and professional.”
Falmouth, MA
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“The dispatch center has had an instant response whenever we have set off the alarm. The software for your phone is great as well. Our primary residence is 400 miles away and I get notifications of every door, window or motion detector that gets activated when someone is servicing our home. We checked with 4 other alarm companies and Alarm New England was by far the best value.”
Sandwich, MA
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“This company runs smoothly and is very responsive to concerns consistently. All service appointments are kept and work is done efficiently. We have been satisfied customers for over 11 years.”
Somerville, MA
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“Everything has been top notch, so far. The company is very easy to deal with and are very receptive to your needs. I was very pleased with the installation and I love the high tech equipment. Luckily, I have not had any alarms, to date, but I have peace of mind knowing they are there.”
Bourne, MA
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“ANE delivers on its promises. The people are prompt, efficient and friendly. Can’t recommend them too highly.”

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