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As a family owned business, we are committed to customer service. All of our technicians are locally-based employees of our company. Our company employs highly-skilled techs across MA, CT, and RI.

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Customer service is our top priority, and we have the reviews to prove it. Alarm New England boasts a 94% customer recommendation rate. We protect local homes using world-class technology.

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We protect Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island homes and businesses. For well over half a decade, the Alarm New England team has helped local customers achieve their security goals.

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Home security Newport RI is essential. Even in a relatively safe city like Newport, you never know when your home will be broken into. If a burglary occurs, it can be traumatic. It can result in the loss of many irreplaceable items. You will lower your risk of burglary with a home security system. But are security systems worth the money? As experts in the industry, we will provide the answers you require.

A break-in is a traumatic event. It’s not only about losing valuable goods. People that experience a break-in may never feel safe in their homes again. 

Security systems deter burglars and protect against break-ins. Incarcerated burglars stated they would be 60% less likely to break into a home with a security system. Security signs and outdoor cameras tell burglars to keep away. 

Data also reveals that security systems stop burglaries in progress. Burglars are likely to flee the scene if they hear an alarm go off. Motion lights and other types of alerts increase the chances that they will run away. 

A security system also makes the neighborhood safer. Cameras can record footage of suspicious activity so criminals can be apprehended. They take criminals off the streets so there is less crime in the area.  

Security systems vary in price. The rates depend on the features and services included, your provider, and your location. An affordable security camera can cost as little as $20. Most plans start as low as $20 per month. 

Various features may be included in a plan. A plan may include smart locks, security cameras, doorbell cameras, and smart thermostats. You may also have specific features like home automation and monitoring. 

The more services and products you have, the more expensive your plan will be. 

Different companies charge varying rates. Their rates depend on their reputation. A company with a good reputation may be more expensive. A startup may charge less to attract clients. 

The location of your home is another factor. If you live in an expensive area, you may pay more for your system. The size of your home will also factor in. 

While security system prices vary, they tend to be relatively low considering how much a robbery can cost your family. 2017 data shows the average loss per burglary was $2417. And when you consider the emotional trauma security systems save you, they are priceless. 

Security systems may also lower your insurance premiums. The savings help balance your expenses. 

Alarm New England is a top choice for security systems in Newport, RI. We customize systems that feature the products and services best suited to your home. We back our products with a 1-year warranty, transparent pricing, and award-winning customer service. We have built a reputation by serving our community for over 50 years. Getting started is easy. Contact us for a home security Newport RI quote today.

Our Rhode Island Home Security Reviews

Andy M.
Andy M.
Cranston, RI
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“We have had the Alarm New England service for over a year and they have been absolutely incredible. Our system allows all of our employees to have individual codes and access to our facility and allows remote access when needed. The customer service responds immediately to questions and we have created a great relationship over the last year.”
Bob H.
Bob H.
Warwick, RI
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“Service is something lacking in our world today. The Team at Alarm New England, whether it be tech support, installation technicians, sales, or at the monitoring station, are top notch. This is a REAL alarm company, rather than a cable company that bolts on alarm service as an afterthought. These guys are the real deal!”
Foley R.
Foley R.
Kingston, RI
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“Alarm New England is a OUTSTANDING company! From the first call we had with Tom it has been nothing but great service! The technician did a great job and was very informative and knowledgeable about the system. I am so grateful for alarm New England!”
Patricia D.
Patricia D.
Newport, RI
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“Connie, Alexandra, and the team at Alarm New England are superb. From the sales process to the install and activation, everything was smooth sailing. The ease of everything from start to finish was amazing! The peace of mind that the system brings and knowing that a trusted, successful, and determined team is behind you is something everyone should have. Definitely go with Alarm New England!”
Carmine P.
Carmine P.
Pawtucket, RI
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“I purchased a system approximately 6 months ago and from the first call the staff Alexander and Connie were hands down the best. Every question, concern and need was addressed thoroughly and professional. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience from start and up to today. The company has been top notch and I am extremely pleased.”

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