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Population: 17,569
Number of Households:  10,465
County: Essex
ZIP Codes: 02020, 02041, 02047, 02050, 02051, 02059, 02065

Newburyport Business and Home Security Facts

Newburyport is a relatively safe neighborhood. So much so that it is safer than over 60% of the towns and cities in the United States. In Massachusetts, only 58% of the towns and cities located in the state have a lower crime rate than that of Newburyport.

Overall, the chances of falling victim to a crime in Newburyport are 1 in 86. Violent crime occurs in Newburyport at a rate of 1 per thousand inhabitants. That means that the chances of falling victim to a violent crime in Newburyport are 1 in 1058. Property crimes, on the other hand, occur at a rate of 11 per thousand residents.

History of Newburyport

A coastal town with scenic, picturesque views, Newburyport is steeped in history. A town once renowned for renowned for its fishing, shipping, and shipbuilding industries has now developed an active tourism sector. Settled in 1635 as part of Newberry Plantation, the territory sits in close proximity to the Merrimack River and encompasses the famous Plum Island.

Newburyport was settled by an act passed and approved by Governor Francis Bernard. At the time of its settlement, Newburyport was the smallest town in Massachusetts. That honor goes to the city of Nahant today. A little over two hundred years after its settlement, Newburyport began to prosper gaining city status in 1851.

In the early days of its settlement, Newburyport churned out professionals with expertise in fishing, shipping, shipbuilding, and other maritime activities. The coastal town initially had a modest fishing fleet that operated actively from the Georges Bank down to the Merrimack River.

During the Revolutionary war, Newburyport became a privateering center. Its citizens built ships by the dozen including whaling ships. Clipper ships were also designed, constructed and sold in Newburyport. Newburyport was also home to a few major production businesses. Southern Derringer pistols were manufactured by the Merrimack Arms and Brown Manufacturing company. Distilleries that produced rum by the gallon were also prevalent in Newburyport.

During the Revolutionary war, Newburyport made waves for its divisive opinions toward slavery. Although slave trade was illegal in Massachusetts, slave ownership was legal in Newburyport as long as they were purchased somewhere else. William Lloyd Garrison, a Newburyport native, helped to abolish slavery in the town.

Things to See and Do in Newburyport

Over the past couple of decades, Newburyport has cultivated a tourism culture. The small coastal town attracts thousands of visitors all year round. The scenic town has a shopping center which is an exciting spot.

Located downtown, Newburyport shopping center has local businesses that hold intrigue for all ages. Restaurants with local delicacies are present in its shopping centers. Incidentally, Newburyport plays host to quite a couple of festivities throughout the entirety of a year. Visitors and residents enjoy a selection of concerts, different entertainment, and food during these annual celebrations.

Visitors can also go on to visit the Old Mill Building situated on Liberty Street, which hosts a farmers’ market during the winter and summer seasons.

Newburyport is a town bursting with history. In that regard, one of its most historical streets is the famous High Street. High Street has a continuous line of vintage Federal-style homes. The houses link the Atkinson Common with the Bartlett Mall. Built in 1801, Bartlett Mall sits on the site of the Essex County Superior Courthouse.

History enthusiasts can also visit the First Presbyterian Church in Newburyport. The tower bell of the church was cast by Paul Revere. Evangelist George Whitfield, who died in the late eighteenth century, is buried under the pulpit of the church.

Other veritable points of interest in Newburyport include Atwood Park, Market Square, Cashman Park and Brown Square. Brown Square was the venue for abolitionist meetings in the past. It is home to a statue of Garrison the Liberator. William Lloyd Garrison, also known as Garrison the Liberator, fought actively against the ownership of slaves in Newburyport. He was imprisoned under libel claims at a point during his battle against slave ownership in Newburyport.

The Parker River National Wildlife Refuge is another interesting spot in Newburyport, providing a resting spot for migratory birds like waterfowl, shorebirds, and songbirds. The refuge is home to the Plum Island Sound and a host of smaller islands within it.

There are different trails and observation areas scattered in different spots in the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. Jogging, hiking, and cycling are allowed in the refuge. Photography, licensed fishing, and licensed deer hunting are also permitted on the grounds of the sanctuary.

Notable Residents

Adolphus Greely, a native son of Newburyport, received a Medal of Honor for his exploits in the United States Army. He was also in command of the Franklin Bay Expedition that took place on the ship Proteus.

American chemist, physicist, and academic, Robert Mulliken, was born in Newburyport. He is solely responsible for the early proponents of the molecular orbital theory. He later received the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1966.

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