Leviton Decora 600W Smart Switch/Dimmer with Z-Wave Technology

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Z-Wave Plus Certified

49 Different Fade Rates

Introducing the Decora Smart Dimmer with Z-Wave Plus Technology. Transforming any small-sized devices and lights into a smart device thanks to the wireless control, this handy tool is a logical step into next-gen home automation and smart lighting control. With multiple device support, the Leviton Decora is the best bang for your buck in the market, offering you the taste of a highly customizable and flexible system at a reasonable price range. Multi-device Compatibility makes this one of the most flexible smart dimmer options in the market with guaranteed compatibility with Z-Wave controllers, Wink, SmartThings and Amazon Echo, giving it a comprehensive edge. Cutting Edge Innovative Technology ensures even low voltage lights like LEDs and holiday lights are properly dimmed without even emitting the faintest glow, significantly reducing your electricity usage. Multi-location dimming is also achievable with extra remote units. Z-Wave Plus Certification ensures increased communication and network inclusion range, secure commands, over the air updates, and support for beaming. . Z-Wave is a wireless communications protocol used primarily for home automation. It is a mesh network using low-energy radio waves to communicate from appliance to appliance, allowing for wireless control of residential appliances and other devices, such as lighting control, security systems, thermostats, windows, locks, swimming pools and garage door openers. A Z-Wave system can be controlled via smart phone, tablet or computer, and locally through a smart speaker, wireless keyfob, or wall-mounted panel with a Z-Wave gateway or central control device serving as both the hub controller and portal to the outside.

Simplify Your Smart Lighting Automation Needs with the Leviton Decora

With its unparalleled flexibility and connectivity, the Leviton Decora Smart Dimmer is sure to provide all the smart lighting functions you need to maintain a truly automated smart home. This state of the art device is a clear reminder why Leviton is considered one of the industry pioneers in smart home technology.

Z-Wave Plus Certification

  • Increased communication range
  • Network Wide Inclusion
  • Support for beaming and secure commands
  • Over The Air (OTA) updates

Features and Benefits

  • Rated for dimmable CFL and LED loads
  • Rated for incandescent loads up to 600W
  • Compatible with Leviton vizia rf + systems
  • Soft fade on/off
  • On/off LED (bottom) and Brightness Level
  • LED (left side)
  • Multi-location (3-way) dimming is achieved
  • using up to 4 remote units, DD00R-DL
  • Frequency: 908.42 MHz


  • Incandescent – 600W – 120VAC, 60Hz
  • LED/CFL – 300W – 120VAC, 60Hz

Agency Standards and Compliance

  • Complies with UL 1472
  • CSA Certified (File #003413)
  • NOM-ANCE Certified
  • Complies with FCC Part 15, Class B
  • Z-Wave Plus Certified

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for lighting smart switch.

The benefits of the Leviton smart switch are:Works with Amazon Alexa for voice control (hub required, Alexa device and hub sold separately)

300W Dimmable LED/CFL, 600W Incandescent and Fluorescent, Z-Wave Plus Certified

5 Year Limited Warranty

White and Light Almond color faces included

Color Change Kits (DDKIT) available in Black, Gray, Brown, Ivory

Multi-Location achieved using up to 4 remote units, DD00R-DL

Hot, neutral, load and ground required for installation and traveler for muilti-switch applications optional.

Flexibility and modularity

Z-Wave is a wireless technology, so its installation doesn’t require any additional cabling. It is really simple to create a smart home, plus you can make this change at any time, because no construction work is required to install Z-Wave devices. That also means that should you decide to install a smart switch for lighting control today, in a month’s time you can add heating control or motion sensor installation.

Z-Wave was developed for wireless control of home appliances, such as lights, sensors, door locks, thermostats, and similar. Through the use of Z-Wave, a house or home becomes SMART. The main objective of a smart house or home is to make your living simpler and more pleasant, and to increase your security and comfort.

And this is where Z-Wave comes in. It meets all the requisites for creating the ideal smart home and smart living:reliable and secure communication

simple installation

low power consumption

remote or local control of a smart switch

a number of available devices, interoperability


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