Triple Homicide in Newton, MA Puts Home Security Front of Mind

Many Boston area residents are still trying to process the triple homicide that took place in Newton, MA on Sunday, June 25, 2023. Three people were found dead Sunday morning inside of a home in the Nonantum neighborhood. Two were residents of the home, while one was a visiting family member. The victims appeared to have suffered knife injuries and showed signs of blunt force trauma. There was indication of forced entry from the home’s basement, and clear signs of struggle, including broken furniture inside the bedroom where the victims were found. Shockingly, this senseless act of violence is believed to have been a random attack.

First and foremost, this is sad news for all parties involved. The horrific triple killing has instilled a sense of fear within a community that has been otherwise considered very safe. For example, Newton was ranked one of the safest cities in America in 2023. Many residents of the neighborhood stated they do not even lock their homes at night. The fact that such a gruesome crime occurred here proves that every homeowner, regardless of their location, needs to keep home security top-of-mind.

Source: CBS News Boston

Home Security and the Newton Investigation

In this particular situation, a home security camera system played an important role in helping identify and capture the suspect. Video surveillance at a nearby home provided vital evidence that led to the suspect’s identification. But the importance of home video surveillance extends even further than that. Crucially, having the right home security video system can help better protect individuals and families from potential threats to their homes. Advanced video solutions like’s Perimeter Guard™ can work specifically as a defense against these types of home invasion scenarios. For example, Perimeter Guard™ uses advanced video analytics to immediately notify property owners if a suspicious person enters the vicinity of their home. The system will proactively ward off trespassers by using sound alerts and flashing LED lights. Instant notification from the cameras is designed with one all-important goal in mind– the security of the home and those inside it. Specialized security systems like this are designed from the ground-up to keep homes safe from unwanted visitors.

  • Americans spend over $20 million annually on devices and home security systems to protect their property.
  • Property crimes are the most popular type of crime in the U.S.
  • 60% of criminals would consider another target if they see a security system is present (Source: Forbes).

A Sense of Unease

As one could imagine, news of the tragedy was a major cause for alarm in this Newton neighborhood and the surrounding areas. Fortunately, a suspect connected with the murders was identified the following day. Police officers were able to recognize the suspect from video surveillance footage taken from a nearby home. This home security video footage captured a suspicious male near the crime scene early that morning. Around 5:30 AM, the man was seen shirtless and barefoot, walking with a staggered gait. A footprint found at the scene later matched with an impression taken from the same suspect. This led authorities to believe they had the culprit.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the victims, their families, and the surrounding community in this trying time. While undoubtedly a sad occasion, the community must move forward and stay vigilant. Events like this can happen, and are a strong reminder of the importance of home security. Hearing tragic news like this can make many reconsider how safe they actually are inside their homes. Keeping a residential property safe and secure should always be a top priority, even in safe neighborhoods. Having the best and most effective security system for your particular property is an important step every homeowner must take. Especially in times like this, there is a sense of peace-of-mind attained when the proper steps are taken to keep one’s home and family as secure as possible.

Protect your home in Newton, MA

As a Boston-based residential security and alarm company, Alarm New England has protected Newton, MA homes for over 50 years. We are proud of our products and reliable systems which help keep local homes safe and secure. Our surveillance cameras use innovations such as’s Perimeter Guard™, which can proactively ward off potential intruders– keeping your home untouched and your loved ones safe. The best security system is one that can prevent problems before they happen. And with the latest alarm technologies, this is becoming increasingly possible.

Having a home security system can make the difference in an emergency. At Alarm New England, it is our mission to offer the best possible protection to homes and families in the communities we serve. As trusted local experts, we are here to help Newton homeowners achieve the all-important goal of increasing security. Newton and surrounding area residents– if you have any questions about how to protect your home, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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