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We can help you save $100’s by reusing your existing security or fire alarm system.

Reuse Your Existing Security System

We support dozens of alarm brands and models. Switch and save today!

Our technicians are able to go out to your home and help switch your system over to us for little or no cost. We’ll test your system, activate it with our monitoring center, and restore your existing alarm system to full functionality.

Alarm New England has a dedicated team that will help you identify the type of system you have, and guide you through the process. Our technician will perform a takeover on existing systems or upgrade your system.
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Let Us Take Over Your Existing Alarm System

Need a new system or want to upgrade? Browse our plans to find your best fit.

New systems don’t just offer better protection with reliable 4G cellular technology; they’re also designed for the modern, connected and monitored home or business.

From integration with new or existing security cameras to smart home automation, our systems are designed to be future-proof. Our diverse selection of innovative products lets you customize your home or business security your way.

Explore our site to learn more about alarm monitoring existing system. Discover the products we offer, or contact us if you’d like assisting deciding what type of system you need.

Do You Have An Existing System?

Have an old system in place and want a reliable alarm company to monitor it instead? We can transfer your system for no upfront cost.

Ready To Get Protected?

Our security experts will help design a system to your specifications. Call us or fill out the form for a FREE quote. Let’s talk about your project.

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How to Switch Security Providers

Take a photo of your alarm keypad or control panel, then call us. Depending on your panel model, we’ll tell you if we can reuse your existing system or if you’ll have to replace it.


Our technicians will head out to your property to reprogram your alarm system so that it can communicate with our central monitoring station.

Once we’ve tested your system and confirm you’re connected, you’re all set! Setting up monitoring for an existing security system is as easy as that!

Features and Benefits

Home Security System

100% Customizable

Alarm Monitoring Existing System

Remote Arm & Disarm

Smash-Proof Keypad

24/7 Alarm Monitoring

Professional Monitoring

Police Dispatch

Fire Fighter Dispatch


Smartphone Control

Remote Arm & Disarm

Email & Push Notifications

Home Automation

View Camera Recordings

Security Cameras

HD 1080p Video

Indoor & Outdoor

7-Day Cloud Storage

Doorbell Cameras

Home Automation

Z-Wave Compatible

Smart Thermostats

Smart Locks

Smart Lighting

Service & Support

40+ Full-Time Technicians

State & Local Licensing


Local Customer Service


No, we can add in cellular communicators to compatible alarm panels so that they no longer require a landline to function. Wireless business or home security systems are technically compatible with the monitoring center at all times, even in the case of an outage.

When your security system is triggered, a dispatcher immediately calls you on any number you would like us to call. If we don’t receive an answer, the police or fire department are dispatched to your home and we continue calling the numbers on your call list. If we do receive an answer, we verify your password, and at that point you can decide if you want us to dispatch to the location of your system alarm or not.

Taking over existing security systems is generally a quick process. Smaller systems usually take 2 hours or less to switch over, while more complex ones with many zones will take more.

Yes, most cities and towns have ordinances requiring you to register your alarm with your local police department. Before alarm installation, contact your local police department or city hall to obtain your permit application.



Alarm New England is rated 4.9/5.0 based on 100+ customer reviews.
MichaelQuincy, MA
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“The quality of service, available, options, and pricing is all exceptional and puts Alarm New England above the competition. A self install is super easy and you have a dedicated staff member walk you through it the whole time.”
DanaMilford, MA
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“Everything has been top notch, so far. The company is very easy to deal with and are very receptive to your needs. I was very pleased with the installation and I love the high tech equipment. Luckily, I have not had any alarms, to date, but I have peace of mind knowing they are there.”
PatriciaProvidence, RI
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“I put my trust in Alarm New England and have not been disappointed. Any questions I have are quickly answered, and the installation was done in a professional manner. I sleep well at night and travel with more ease knowing Alarm New England has my back!”
RichardSpringfield, MA
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“Alarm New England is a great company I’ve been extremely satisfied with the services. It’s nice to finally be with a company that really cares about their customers. I would recommend them to anyone and I do.”
DeanHartford, CT
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“From the first telephone contact to post installation, it was an excellent experience by professional and incredibly patient and friendly people. Would highly recommend Alarm New England to anyone.”


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