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Smart home security is rapidly becoming mainstream, and many homeowners are looking to either replace or upgrade their home security systems to take advantage of technological advancements.

Some people like the idea of being able to remotely control their entire house from their smartphone, while others enjoy not having to navigate a complicated touchpad control.

No matter what your reasons are, now is a great time to check out the best home security systems in Providence, RI to find one that meets your needs. We’ve taken the time to list some of the best companies on the market in Rhode Island today to help you narrow down your choices.

How We Choose the Best Home Security Systems


There are hundreds of home security companies out there, each with complicated pricing systems and a whole host of features. It can be tricky to navigate this market, even if you’ve taken the time to read up on home security system reviews.

We’ve evaluated some of the most popular home security systems in Rhode Island according to three criteria—price, features, and customer service—to help you find one that will suit your requirements.


Security companies often will offer multiple pricing options, making it hard to find a standard list of what’s affordable and what isn’t. Some companies will separate equipment and monitoring costs. Others allow you to pay off the equipment along with your monthly fee but will still require installation and activation fees.

We’ve tried to clarify pricing to make it clear which home security systems offer reasonable prices for their services.

Customer service

Customer service covers a vast range of interactions, including sales, emergency response, and typical day-to-day inquiries. Smaller companies tend to have better customer service than nationwide home security providers, which may range in quality based on location.

Features and equipment

Lyric Control Panel

Ideally, you want the best home security system for your needs and don’t want to spend on extras that you’ll never use. Many companies offer high-tech solutions, such as smart home security systems, that many users don’t want or need. Some customers want home security systems with cameras, which usually fall under their monitoring and equipment plan.

We also evaluate systems based on how easy they are to use. It’s surprising how many basic systems can be quite complicated to set up. Yet many of the newer home security systems offer intuitive touchpad controls that are much easier to use.

Here are some of the top home security providers in Rhode Island to consider.

Alarm New England


We primarily operates three states: MassachusettsRhode Island and Connecticut Despite being smaller than companies like ADT, we’ve gained a large and loyal following of customers who love our service, making us the 34th largest security company in the nation. We use high-quality equipment and offer fair prices for monitoring services.

Additionally, our equipment can be reused if you move out of our service range.


We bundle equipment with monitoring services in three plan levels. The most basic plan costs $27 per month and includes monitoring as well as essential security system equipment. The most expensive plan tops out at just over $50 for security cameras and cloud storage in addition to monitoring and home automation integration.

Unlike many other security services, we don’t require you to sign a long-term contract. If you like the idea of long-term security, you may sign a three-year contract to receive reduced monthly rates. But if you prefer flexibility, you can opt for month-to-month plans.

The company also has lower upfront costs or activation fees, and you can install the entire system yourself.

Customer service

We have spent the time to build up an excellent reputation as one of the best home security systems in Providence, RI based on extraordinary and responsive customer service.

You can reach customer service through a variety of channels, including email and telephone, or you can use our website FAQ to get answers to common questions. We even have how-to videos on its website to show you how to install the equipment.

Features and equipment

We offer a range of equipment and features for every type of household, from simple to complex. Our most straightforward plan comes with a control panel and wireless sensors.

You can also opt into our higher-tier plan, which gives you access to Touch Connect 2.0, an app that allows you to automate much of your security and household. If you’re looking for a home security system with cameras, there’s also a plan with live video surveillance and video recording to help you keep an eagle eye on your home.



ADT has been in the security business for over a hundred years and has seen many technological changes during that time. As such, it knows the value of keeping up with security changes and trends and is willing to pass its expertise on to its customers. It has a variety of flexible security plans available that should suit most households.


ADT’s security suite is known as Protect Your Home, which comes in four primary packages depending on your security needs. ADT agents can also customize these packages to find the perfect security fit for you.

The basic plan starts at $28 per month and includes monitoring and a basic alarm system consisting of a control panel, base alarm system, and several sensors.

The main drawback of this plan is that it uses a landline to connect to the monitoring center. If you don’t have one, you’ll need a more expensive plan to install a system with cellular communication.

The packages then increase in price and in the number of features the packages offer. The most expensive package is the ADT Pulse Monitoring plus Video package, which costs $59 per month.

ADT can offer these competitive rates because it is tied to two- or three-year-long contracts with no reasonable option to terminate the contract early. It does provide a six-month money back guarantee, but that only comes into play if ADT hasn’t been able to resolve your service or installation issues.

Customer service

Because ADT is a national service, its call center-based customer service is usually responsive and quick to solve your problems. However, ADT also uses regional dealers to interact with customers, and some dealerships are better than others. Make sure to read up on some local reviews to see how your local dealer fares.

It’s relatively easy to contact ADT with concerns, as it has a 24/7 emergency hotline as well as a customer care line that operates during business hours. You can also use email or live chat if you prefer dealing with customer services electronically.

Features and equipment

The base ADT package comes with a base security system, control panel, motion sensor, and several wireless sensors, as well as a wireless remote, which is all you need for a simple wireless home security system.

If you’re looking to add extra security features, ADT offers a whole host of additional equipment, including indoor cameras, a keychain remote control with a panic button, and a variety of sensors.

If you want to add automation features, you can add in a keypad door lock that you can control remotely. ADT Pulse wireless security systems also come with automation features, allowing you to use the app to control your thermostat, smart lights, smart switches, and plugs. You can lower your energy bill and add an extra layer of convenience to your life.



If you want to go all-in on home automation and smart home security systems, Vivint is one of your best options. All of Vivint’s equipment is specially designed and requires a licensed technician to install. Unfortunately, high-tech security doesn’t come cheap, and Vivint is one of the most expensive home security systems in Rhode Island.


Vivint offers two pricing plans. The first option is to buy the equipment package and monitoring package separately and pay between $30 to $50 per month for monitoring and other services. The other option is to finance the equipment by adding it to the monthly monitoring bill, though this does lock you into a five-year contract.

Vivint offers several customizable equipment packages, but they aren’t cheap. The basic package costs $700, while the most advanced one costs just under $1800. It’s a substantial upfront cost, which is why Vivint then offers the Monthly Flex Pay that you can use to offset your initial costs.

Also, because Vivint uses expert technicians to carry out the installation, you can expect to pay at least $50 for the installation in addition to any other costs.

Customer service

Vivint has a reputation for underhanded sales tactics, and you may find its pricing schemes challenging to understand. It has been taken to court in multiple states and has since put in a lot of effort to make its pricing more transparent and its service more customer-friendly.

As you’d expect from such a high-tech security system, Vivint offers plenty of ways to contact its customer support, including social media, live chat, and traditional email and telephone channels.

Features and equipment

Vivint focuses on home automation and high-tech security, which means that it isn’t suitable for households that want a basic burglar alarm and fire detector. The basic Vivint starter package includes a touchscreen panel and six smart sensors of your choice.

You can then add on a doorbell camera, door locks, remote garage door control, and outdoor cameras. You can also integrate your Vivint security system with your Nest or Amazon devices for a seamless smart home experience.

The wireless remote is entirely customizable, allowing you to perform essential functions like arming or disarming the alarm and also giving you the freedom to adjust your lights or lock your doors remotely.

Despite all of the tech used in Vivint’s security system, the Vivint system is straightforward to use thanks to its touchscreen control panel. It’s designed to be intuitive, with large icons and text to make the entire process simple and easy to understand. You can also use voice commands instead of using the control panel to arm your alarm or lock your doors.

Guardian Protection


Guardian Protection has been in the security industry for several decades and has expanded its service into 18 states. It has a reputation for being a solid, reliable choice when it comes to home security systems, and it offers a variety of packages to suit most people’s needs.


Guardian has three standard packages that include equipment and monthly monitoring fees. The basic plan includes basic equipment options and smart home automation. Its premium package contains all the same equipment as the basic package, in addition to video equipment and surveillance services.

Guardian offers only fixed-term contracts with a termination fee for early cancellations. It also has a hefty $100 installation fee, which may be too much for some potential customers.

Customer service

Guardian has taken the time to develop an excellent reputation for customer service, and this is reflected in its online reviews. It has a 24-hour customer care hotline that’s available at all times, even on weekends. It also has a social media presence and offers several tutorials online to help new users navigate their security system.

Features and equipment

Guardian provides a host of security and automation features. Even its most straightforward plan gives access to its smartphone app in which users can remotely arm or disarm their system, set a location-based arm or disarm trigger, and get text alerts when a sensor has been activated.

The basic security system can be further expanded by the addition of various sensors, including medical sensors and carbon monoxide detectors. If you want to automate your home entirely, you can also get the garage door control, smart thermostat, keyless door locks, and video doorbell camera.

And if you want video surveillance, you can get indoor and outdoor cameras that can be hooked up to a streaming video recorder that can stream the video directly to your phone or PC.



Alliance is a local home security systems company based in Rhode Island. It offers comprehensive and customizable security solutions with a whole host of devices and features to suit anybody’s needs.


Alliance is one of the more expensive offerings; its base plan costs $45 and its most costly plan tops out at $60. It also has incredibly long-term contracts and has previously raised its prices during the contract term.

While the plans come with the necessary equipment, any additional equipment is subject to an extra cost, ranging from $50 for door sensors to $200 for image sensors. Luckily, there is no upfront installation or activation fee, so you know up front what you’re paying for.

Customer service

Alliance has, unfortunately, a less-than-stellar reputation when it comes to customer service. It has used robocalls to market its products and obtained contact information illegally. Alliance has also taken months to respond to customer complaints, though the customer service representatives are usually helpful and pleasant.

If you want to avoid the customer helpline, Alliance does have a comprehensive FAQ on its website. It also offers various tutorial videos featuring safety tips and how-to guides.

Features and equipment

Alliance has a vast array of equipment for customers to choose from, with a heavy focus on integration and home automation. Its devices are integrated with Amazon’s Echo as well as Nest and Lux smart devices.

Alliance has an app to consolidate all the smart home features, allowing you to control your home at the press of a button. It offers a wide range of high-end cameras for video surveillance as well as remote door locking and doorbell cameras. If you’re looking for a local alternative to Vivant, Alliance may well be it.

Selecting the Right Home Security System


With the variety of options on the market in Rhode Island, you’ll be able to find a home security company that works for you. No matter which company you go with, take the time to select a home security system package and equipment that covers your needs.